Teaching Pedagogy

Teaching Pedagogy


Teaching Pedagogy:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Lloyd has always aspired to excel in academics and has worked towards its goal to produce young managers who possess the intellectual genius and are morally conscious and socially responsible to ensure the prosperity of the institution they represent.

The classroom, laboratory, or studio serve as a setting for experiential learning through embedded activities such as case and problem-based studies, guided inquiry, simulations, experiments, or art projects .Regular visits to Industry and learning from Industry Experience through research, live projects, guest lecturers ,On the Job training and corporate mentoring we acquaint them to real world challenges . Our teaching pedagogy includes:

Classroom Teaching

The classrooms at Lloyd are spacious and acoustically designed. Each classroom is air-conditioned and equipped with display boards and modern audio-visual aids, suitable for technology based learning. Digital Classrooms, with smart white boards for teaching used both by faculty and students

Live Projects

Though classroom learning is given emphasis at Llyod students are required to undertake a number of practical projects in the different courses of the programme for which the information gathered from business/industry is analyzed and presented in the form of reports.



Summer Internship

Each student is selected by a reputed company and given a practical assignment. The student works under the guidance of a senior manager in the organization and submits a report to the organization.


Under the MOU for academic –industry partnership with Safeducate and Manpower Group six months paid On the Job (OJT) training is provided to students with attractive salary.


Debate and Case study Competitions

Challenging competitions are activities that provide thrust to our students to represent their views which we at Llyod encourage. Regular debates and cases from real world are presented by students for study at Lloyd.

Professional and Personality Development Classes

The college holds monthly in-house Personality Development and Professional Development Clinics. These motivate the students in exploring, questioning and refining their innate strengths, both, professionally and personally. The development of these skill based programs is to equip the students with the practice of professional know-how.

Seminar and conferences:

Seminars and Conferences at Lloyd serve as important platforms for knowledge dissemination and paper presentations, with subject matter experts sharing insights gained from rigourous research and practical experience. Conferences are often narrowly-focussed on critical areas, with the proceedings influencing scholarship, practice and policy on the international stage.

The subject for the conference and seminars are recent and relevant like Challenges in Human Resource Practices, Innovation In Business-Opportunities and Challenges ,Changing Dynamics in Digital Marketing etc.


Workshops and Guest Lectures:

Corporate workshops and guest lectures are organized to enhance the employability skills of the students. These are organized weekly for students some of the areas are Digital Marketing, News and Views in Marketing, E- Human Resources etc.

Mentorship Programme:

Coaching as a concept aims at skill development of students, but at Lloyd, the focus not just remains on skill development but also on attitude development of our students, so that they have the right kind of approach towards their life and career, which brings in picture our concept of classroom mentoring programme.





Seminars and Conferences:

Workshop by BSE in October 2017 :


One day workshop was organized at Lloyd Business School Graeter Noida in association with BSE Institute Ltd , the topic of the session was Technical Analysis and Chary patterns on Friday September 22nd 2017.

Workshop By Bloomberg on Market Dynamics in Oct 2017:

The Bloomberg has a very dynamic knowledge of the Share Dynamics in the Stock market.Mr Pullock Bhhatacharya addressed the PGDM 2017 Batch to highlight the technical parameters and knowledge in handling the financial derivatives in the Stock Market.

Excel sheet Training from 29-2nd Nov 2017 for PGDM:


In order to enhance the Excel Training for the students as it is primemost Industrial competency a workshop of 4 day was organized in the Campus of Lloyd which was anexhaustive training on excel sheet excellence.


As people management and personality development are very crucial aspects of any robust Management Program Weekly Acitivity on INTERVIEW AND SOFT SKILLS TRAINING IS HELD for students of PGDM.





Visit to Safexpress by Batch of 2017:

The students of PGDM 2017 visited Safexpress Hub to understand the Logistics Industry. Awareness session was conducted by industry experts.In all a delightful and insightful day for students interested in PGDM SCM.




The students of Lloyd Business School visited NSIC-Technical Training Centre Okhla for a informative study for entrepreneurial new skills development workshop.The session was appreciated by students.The session highlighted the oppurtunities and challenges for new skills and businesses that students would like to initiate with new ideas and oppurtunties.