Student Voice

Student Voice


Lloyd business school has given me the opportunity to learn and evolve as a person. The skills that I am learning will make me a leader tomorrow. Tackling any challenge, solving any problem and rising to the top is what you learn at Lloyd Business school.

I bagged the package of 4lakhs in OJT with Flip Kart!! .....VANSHAJ KHARE,PGDM 1ST YEAR


Being with Lloyd has helped me expand my horizons...Megha Kumari PGDM 1ST YEAR 2016


Lloyd infrastructure has been very dynamic and vibrant....Even i enjoy my good and competent student counterparts.....Aamir Sohail PGDM 1ST Year 2016


The faculty for PGDM-SCM from corporate i very good and experienced , the learning is awesome...Namit Pabreja , PGDM 2015


Learning for me has been Lloyd , I feel confident and personally groomed,   Nishtha PGDM 2015


Learning with Practice is a unique blend that PGDM at Lloyd offers....Nitin Choudhary PGDM 2015


Professionally and personally the PGDM at Lloyd has helped me grow .........Shalini Raghav PGDM 2015