Alumni Meet 2017

The Alumni Meet 2017 was held on 26th Feb 2017 in Lloyd Campus. It was a day of meeting, greeting and remembrances from the Lloyd Family.

About 70 students from previous batches attended this day of fun frolic and relived the memories of the past. The alumni and their achievements were celebrated by the current batch through performances in music, dance and poetry.


Teachers day 2017:

As a respect to the teachers of Lloyd students of management conducted Teachers Day on 5th September 2017.The session started with addressal by Dr Matta Director LBS with dance music fun frolic to follow presented by students.

In all it was a great day for all!!


Seminar and Conferences

Seminars and Conferences at Lloyd serve as important aids for knowledge dissemination and paper presentations, with subject matter experts sharing insights gained from research and practical experience. Conferences are often focused on critical areas, with the proceedings influencing scholarship, practice and policy on the international stage.

The subject for the conference and seminars are recent and relevant like Challenges in Human Resource Practices, Innovation in Business-Opportunities and Challenges, Changing Dynamics in Digital Marketing etc