IxamBee Collaboration

Lloyd Business School’s Memorandum of Understanding with IxamBee (ATOZ Learn Edutech Pvt. Ltd.):

The MoU signed between Lloyd Business School and IXambee for the development of Industrial cooperation towards Business Analytics and MBA students.

IxamBee creates enhanced learning for preparation of competitive exams by using technology. It provides excellent solutions to those preparing for any competitive exam. ixamBee aims to provide best online learning experience for preparation of competitive exams for government jobs.

The Memorandum of Understanding has broadly been drafted to encompass:-

  • 1.) Live exposure in their area of expertise to aspiring managers.
  • 2.) Industry exposure by means of internships, placements and On-the-Job Trainings.
  • 3.) Organizing of Industrial visits, guest lectures and workshops by Subject Matter Experts.
  • 4.) Undertaking joint research projects in areas of mutual interest.