Celebal Technologies Private Limited Collaboration

Celebal Technologies Private Limited is an organization in Data Science and Analytics, driving bold ideas and pragmatic solutions. The organization is involved in many disruptive technologies like Big Data, SAP, Data Science, Sectoral analytics and Azure. Continuing with the ideology of Lloyd providing Industrial exposure to Students during the association of a planned course delivery through such dynamic organizational interventions, Lloyd aims to provide exposure for career development in niche technologies. It has been a fortunate extension of ties with the Company for training and development opportunities for industrial exposure, expertise and skill set development for Analytics and Data Science domain at Lloyd.

Depending on the area of expertise of the industry in computer science, analytics, mechanical, electrical, electronic or civil, students can get exposure to new areas like the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, data science, or likewise etc., the association intends to develop knowledge and skill expertise in these areas.

The company aspires to get motivated and talented professionals, who understand the core value of modern analytics over traditional enterprise. The company is appreciated for its non -hierarchical work culture, empowering every individual in the organization to do their best.

Celebal Technologies Pvt Ltd and LLOYD have entered in to a Co-op for Placement Opportunities in a big way especially for the PGDM-BA students.

The collaborative affirmation through the MOU between Celebal Technologies and Lloyd extends through following channels of associations:

1) Capability Development Cross skilling and up Skilling Students at LLOYD Company shall provide curriculum assistance for specialized courses addressing their needs.

2) Internship/ Placement Program Opportunities to Students of Analytics and Data Science at Lloyd.

3) Workshops and Guest Lectures for knowledge sharing for Students at Lloyd on disruptive and upcoming technologies.

4) Sponsored projects for Students at Lloyd.

The association aims to develop knowledge and expertise on disruptive technologies.