Collaboration Between upGrad Campus and Lloyd Business School

An MoU was signed between upGrad Campus and Lloyd Business School to launch the Joint Degree Program in Digital marketing for PGDM students. The academic Collaboration will provide Joint Degree Program and have several mutual benefits.

The MoU signed between Lloyd Business School and Safeducate Learning Pvt. Ltd. Is aimed towards:

As a vertical of upGrad, upGrad Campus aims to bridge the gap between Industry and Academia by aligning institutional curricula with industry standards and assisting in the digital transformation of their campuses.

About Joint Degree Program

The Joint Degree Program has the USP of incorporating new-age specializations with full-time degrees. The Joint Degree programs are backed by industry experts, innovative delivery methods, and comprehensive placement preparations to ensure that students possess the necessary skills before entering the competitive job market.

Why Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing has become crucial for businesses of all sizes. With more consumers spending time online and on devices, having an effective digital marketing strategy is key to reaching target audiences. Digital marketing provides various benefits including increased brand awareness, higher conversion rates, improved customer engagement, and the ability to generate and analyze data to gain insights.

Life as a Digital Marketing Expert

  • • Learn something new everyday
  • • Learn something new everyday
  • •Constantly evolving trends and technologies
  • • Meet new people
  • • work with different brands
  • • Gratification of seeing your work go viral

Careers in Digital marketing

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • • Content Marketing Manager
  • • SEO Executive
  • • Social Media Marketing Expert
  • • Digital Marketing Copywriter
  • • Search Engine Specialist
  • • Marketer: SEM Specialist
  • • Email Marketer
  • • Inbound Marketing Manager
  • • Analytics Manager
  • • APM/any other product roles
  • • Customer RelationshipExecutive
  • • Customer Relationship Manager