“To be a globally recognized center of excellence in all aspects of management education and produce ethical leaders with functional expertise, promoting sustainable solutions, and an entrepreneurial & innovative perspective to improve their employability exponentially”.


• To offer an academically rigorous, practice and research-supported, management education based on principled and ethical values, sensitive to the ever-changing needs of the profession, society, industry, and country.

• To continue to provide a stimulating learning environment that fosters the understanding of disruptive, technological developments, and encourages continuous innovation and learning.

• To promote the practice of collaborations and work-related learning experience which focuses on the application of knowledge and skills which is globally relevant.

• Nurture personal mentoring that respects individuality and inspires students to become responsive and responsible business leaders who can make progressive and sustainable impacts.

• To provide broad and domain-specific knowledge to upskill, students, in definitive careers of functional expertise through various course electives in upcoming frontiers of management education.

• To stimulate and encourage entrepreneurial culture by equipping students with global business awareness, and developing faculty as thought leaders.


PEO#1: Managerial Excellence

To facilitate managerial excellence and globally relevant professional competency.

PEO#2: Innovation and Sustainability

To instill innovative and sustainable problem-solving abilities which will help them to become responsible business leaders.

PEO#3: Entrepreneurial Acumen

To develop entrepreneurial acumen for employability and exponential growth opportunities.

PEO#4: Ethics and Values

To develop professional ethics and imbibe value systems & learning mechanisms needed for the growth and well-being of society.

PEO#5: Quality and Technology

To be able to contribute to the high quality of knowledge creation through faculty development and industrial collaborations through technology implants in management education.