Financial Aid

At Lloyd we strongly believe in nurturing and encouraging the brightest minds to transform them into lifelong learners and leaders – this is reflected in the quality of education and opportunities at both the undergraduate and the post graduate level.

To acknowledge such high potential academic achievers, the University offers generous scholarships to all the students enrolled in undergraduate programs at the University covering part/full expenses for the entire duration of the program.

We provide Stipends, scholarships to our meritorious students to motivate and allow students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds to afford an education where the focus is on the pursuit of knowledge.

Types of Scholarship at Lloyd

Merit Scholarship – On the Basis of Admissions

Lloyd offers scholarships on the terms of financial assistance to meritorious candidates based on their academic performance in qualifying examinations as prescribed by the institute, viz 10+2 , graduation marks plus Personal Interview score at our campus.

Merit Scholarship During the Programme

In order to encourage students to achieve higher performance during their studies in an academic programme , Lloyd provides merit scholarships for them in recognition of their academic achievements in the concerned programmes of study. These scholarships are awarded every year from the second year onwards after declaration of their results.

Financial Assistance cum Scholarship

To fulfill our mission of spreading quality education in every corner of the society we also provide financial aid in terms of scholarship to economically weaker sections or differentially abled students on a case to case basis depending upon the discretion of the management.

Terms and Conditions

1. Grant of scholarship is subject to verification and authentication of the information, certificates and other documents as required by the college.

2. The Scholarship offer is applicable only on the course fee for normal duration of the course and will not cover any Examination/Backlog/Reappear Fee.

3. Scholarship is not applicable on Hostel/Residential facility fee.

4. If a student is entitled to a scholarship and is admitted under a programme and later on applies for refund he/she is subject to get the amount deducting the scholarship value offered.

5. Final Declarartion of awarding Scholarships to derserving candidates is solely dependent upon the discretion of top management authorities.