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19,Jan 2022

If there is any profession in the world right now that is vastly in demand with no scope of its prospects going down, its management. Aspiring students could practically swing headfirst into this trust fall and they would still land at a relatively decent place in their lives. The best part is that the need for people with an unwavering management foundation has been rising consistently, with factors like accountability, responsibility, efficiency and effectiveness in execution, error-free direction, and supervision being some of its contributing factors.

When it comes to PGDM or postgraduate diploma in management, the reasons for choosing this 2-year postgraduate diploma in management are many. Not just among students, but even working professionals are opting for this diploma course and similar executive programs in management because of the preference given to it by corporations. This means it is most likely the best time to take up a management career path in India when companies have started booming all over again after dealing with severe economic backlash due to the prevailing global pandemic.

Important things to know about a PGDM program

  • ● While there might be many autonomous institutions providing PGDM courses to graduates, it is up to the students to ensure that the institutes they are shortlisting are AICTE approved.
  • ● A PGDM course consists of more than 15 specializations (PGDM Specializations) offered by various institutes in India. Aspiring management students should make sure the major they choose aligns with their graduation and future career decisions.
  • ● Both MBA, as well as a pgdm course, are the keys to unlock the door to a strong career in the management sector, however, a PGDM course is in no way equivalent to a full-fledged MBA degree. All PGDM courses are offered by standalone b schools, recognized private and autonomous colleges that may or may not be affiliated to universities.

General Eligibility To Pursue PGDM Course In India

  • 1. The students must have pursued their graduation from a recognized university with a minimum required percentage of 45-50. This percentage may vary depending upon the institutes that candidates go for.
  • 2. Aspiring candidates must have passed any of the entrance tests listed for PGDM courses like CAT, MAT, GMAT, XAT, NMAT, CMAT, and several others. Some universities also conduct their own entrance examinations as a qualifying criterion.
  • 3. Considered as the final clearing round, interested PGDM candidates are often required to appear for a personal interview and/or group discussion to demonstrate why they would be a good fit for the college and the course. Clearing these rounds is pivotal to the confirmation of admission.
  • 4. Students must have completed their graduation in any discipline. Added preference is given to students with a base in management, like a BBA degree. Students with prior work experience are also preferred since it is a professional degree, especially when the number of seats is limited.
  • 5. Anybody irrespective of their age can pursue this program.
  • 6. Adherence to any other admission guideline or norm laid down by the preferred university or college.

The registration Process Of PGDM Course

Registration for PGDM courses is as linear as registration for any other program. The primary step involves filling out the online application form by visiting the college website and paying the application fee for confirming your application. Once the application is done, the students are required to appear for the entrance exam conducted by the university. Students who have appeared for other common entrance exams like CAT, MAT, GMAT, XAT, etc in the past are exempted from this step, as their scores for those are considered valid. The final step for the shortlisted candidates involves appearing for the interview or the group discussion as the final qualifying round, after which the provisional cut-off lists are released, thus confirming the admission if the student has fallen in the cut-off bracket.

List Of Colleges With PGDM Admission For 2022 Open

  • 1. Lloyd Business School Greater Noida
  • 2. ITM Business School
  • 3. ICFAI Business School
  • 4. Sri Sukhmani Institute For Management
  • 5. Apeejay School Of Management
  • 6. NITTE School Of Management
  • 7. JagdishSheth School Of Management (Jag Som)
  • 8. Xavier School Of Management
  • 9. NarseeMonjee Institute Of Management Studies
  • 10. Institute Of Management Technology Ghaziabad

Syllabus For PGDM Course- Semester Wise

Following is the subject-wise syllabus for PGDM courses in the specializations, namely, Human resource management, finance, business analytics, and supply chain and logistics management. Usually, the program structure is equally divided into 2 semesters/ 6 trimesters, with added provisions for internships, projects, dissertations, and certification courses for skill-building. Another important thing to note is that almost all PGDM specializations have a common syllabus for the first year, more or less.

PGDM In Human Resource Management

Semester 1 Semester 2
Principles Of Management Indian Economy
Managerial Economics Recruitment And Selection
Organizational Behavior Training And Development
Human Resource Management Research Methodology For Management
Financial Accounting For Managers Hr Metrics Tools And Techniques In Business
Marketing Management Performance Management System
Business And Management Communication Compensation And Payroll Management
Semester 3 Semester 4
Human Values And Professional Ethics Corporate Governance
Industrial Relations And Labor Laws Digital Social Media Marketing
Managing Interpersonal And Group Processes Organizational Development And Change
Strategic Human Resource Management Employee Legislation

PGDM In Finance

Semester 1 Semester 2
Accounting For Managers Corporate Finance
Corporate Skill Development Cost And Management Accounting
Principles And Practices Of Management Operations Research
Managerial Economics International Financial Management
Organizational Behavior Financial Modeling And Corporate Valuation
Business Statistics Financial Services
Semester 3 Semester 4
Investment Management Credit Appraisal And Risk Management
Financial Modeling Investment Management
Fintech Financial Derivatives Personal Finance Planning
Portfolio Management Tax Planning And Management

PGDM In Business Analytics

Semester 1 Semester 2
Principles And Practice Of Management Statistics For Decision Making
Managerial Economics Database And Query Language
Organizational Behavior Python
Cost And Management Accounting Tax Planning And Management
Financial Accounting For Managers Descriptive Analysis
Marketing Management Predictive Analytics
Semester 3 Semester 4
Social And Web Analytics Modern Areas Of Analytics
Cybersecurity Identity And Access Management Blockchain And Iot
Universal Human Values And Professional Ethics Design Thinking
Security Analysis And Portfolio Management Enterprise Budgeting And Planning
Artificial Intelligence Data Science

PGDM In Supply Chain And Logistics Management

Semester 1 Semester 2
Principles And Practice Of Management Logistics Management And Information Systems
Managerial Economics Procurement And Vendor Management
Organizational Behavior Operational Strategic Implementation Issues In Supply Chain
Cost And Management Accounting Supply Chain Performance Metrics And Modeling
Financial Accounting For Managers Cognitive Analysis
Strategic Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Analytics
Semester 3 Semester 4
Warehouse Management Corporate Governance
Global Trade Operation And Forwarding Logistics Analysis
Liner Shipping Business Optimization Analysis
Recent Trends In Supply Chain Export And Import Documentaries


The scope of PGDM courses in 2021 is touching peaks, which means a grave expansion in the job market for qualified postgraduates. In this article, we have covered all the necessary information that an inspiring management candidate must browse through. From the list of exams for PGDM to colleges that currently have their registrations for PGDM open, and everything in between has been covered in detail, along with the course-wise as well as semester-wise syllabus for each PGDM specialization. Since all the colleges are about to close the admission portals soon, If you're an aspiring candidate looking to secure Admission into this course of the future, grab the chance while you still have it.