Campus to Corporate

Event Name: Campus to Corporate Event Date: 11th January, 2023
Faculty Coordinators: Dr. Ruchi Garg Event Timings: 2:00P.M to 4:00PM
Number of Participants: 80 Venue: Main Frame
Guest : Mr. Abhishek Sengar (Human Resource Business Partner, Mantiou Group) MOC : Offline.


  • To improve soft skills/ communications of our students.
  • To strengthen understanding of job specification and job description.
  • To provide knowledge about recent HR practices in the corporates.
  • To improve understanding of students regarding job requirements.
  • To build confidence, positive changes in the attitude and behavior of the participants.
  • To impart career specific practical inputs along with sharing the expectations of the recruiters.
  • To resolves students queries regarding skillsets, knowledge and experience required for various domains.

Detailed Report:

Lloyd Business School organized an expert talk session on "Campus to Corporate" 11/02/2023 (Saturday) by Mr. Abhishek Sengar, Human Resource Business Partner, Mantiou Greater Noida. The academic's head of LBS felicitated the Expert Speaker by a planter. He shared entire journey of his career that led him to become a successful Human resource partner.

He gave tips to students on how to become efficient through learning the basics of corporate communication, managing time, and the mindset shift that is required when moving from a college to a corporate environment.

He explained various expectations and requirements of recruiter for fresher/experience persons. He also emphasized on few tools for the better employment of our students like Oracle, Google suit, spread sheet advanced excel and Microsoft. SAP, creation of job profile on canvas.

He gave success mantras of skillset which attract recruiters the most like punctuality, hardworking, discipline, positive attitude, leadership, good communication skills, observations, physical appearance etc.

He said that nowadays companies focus on diversity of employees, especially females and special disabled. Job seekers must target particular organization for better positions at initial stage.

Students can get their dream job only when they have set their goals, skillsets and proper implementation of their systematic plan.

Don’t speak at the time of interviews

  • Such as wish to own a startup, it gives negative impact.
  • Don’t declare for a post after a certain period of job.
  • Strong weakness
  • Negative feedback of your last assignment.

At last academic head gave vote of thanks and felicitated the guest with the memento. It has been proved through research that it is not just your knowledge that helps you achieve success in life, but it’s your attitude. It is often said that your attitude determines your altitude

Overall this program enhanced the confidence of fresher and offered tools like goal setting, team work and better performance etc.

Learning outcomes:

  • Students learnt how to register on job portals for better employment opportunities.
  • Students learnt how to create a strong profile, physical appearance, understanding job specifications and job description. They also learnt how to show their positive attitude and interest for a particular post during the interview.
  • Able to identify new technology and skillsets required in recent job trends.
  • Students focused on their strengths, knowledge and achievements during the interactive session.
  • Students learnt what to disclose and what not to disclose during their interviews.
  • Students learnt how to avoid organizational politics and concentrate on performance.

Event Coordinator
Dr. Ruchi Garg