India International Geopolitics Conclave

Event Name: India International Geopolitics Conclave Event Date: 31st January, 2023
Faculty Coordinators: Mr. Deepanshu Gupta Event Timings: 03.30 PM
Number of Participants: :75 PGDM students , 01 faculty members Venue: PHD Chamber of Commerce, New Delhi
Speaker Details: Major Gaurav Arya (Retd), Mr. Gautam Bambawale, Mr. Tilman Kuban MP, Dr. Happymon Jacob MOC : Offline.


The primary objective of the India International Geopolitics Conclave was to provide a platform for the students to interact with industry experts and gain insights into the international geopolitical landscape. The event aimed to create awareness among the students about the geopolitical scenario and its impact on businesses. The conclave also aimed to facilitate discussions on the current political and economic situation and its impact on businesses.

Detailed Report:

Students from Lloyd Business School attended an event on January 31 that was hosted at the PHD Chamber of Commerce in New Delhi. A wide range of attendees, including corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and university students, attended the event. The occasion gave Lloyd Business School students a chance to speak with seasoned executives and learn about the business world. On a variety of subjects, including new business trends, difficulties faced by entrepreneurs, and tactics for success in the corporate world, the participants had fruitful discussions and shared ideas. The event began with a keynote address by Mr. Saurabh Sanyal, who shared his experiences and offered advice to the participants. This was followed by a series of panel discussions, in which experts from different industries shared their perspectives on the topics at hand. The students of Lloyd Business School actively participated in these discussions, asking thought-provoking questions and contributing to the overall discourse. In addition to the panel discussions, the event also featured a networking session, which provided the students with an opportunity to connect with other participants and build their professional network. The students of Lloyd Business School made the most of this opportunity, exchanging contact information and discussing potential career opportunities

Major topics covered by the speaker:

  • India's Presidency for Synergy, Security, Growth and Sustainability
  • Most Deciding Factor of World's Geopolitics
  • India's changing Geopolitics Scenario and its impact on World Politics

Learning Outcomes

The India International Geopolitics Conclave proved to be an excellent learning opportunity for the students of Lloyd Business School. The event provided a platform for the students to interact with industry experts, policymakers, and thought leaders. The students gained insights into the international geopolitical landscape and the various factors that influence it.

The students also learned about the impact of geopolitics on businesses, including global trade, investments, and market fluctuations. They gained an understanding of the role of policymakers and how their decisions affect businesses.

The conclave provided an opportunity for the students to network with industry experts and fellow students from other institutions. The students learned about the importance of networking and building relationships in the business world.