Prof.(Dr.) Krity Gulati

Professor | Area Chair- Marketing/IB

Qualifications & Exposure

  • Degree:
  • Experience:
  • Ph.D. (Marketing), UGC-NET, MBA (Marketing & HR)
  • 14+ years of Academic and Research exposure


Dr. Krity Gulati boasts a rich 14-year academic and research background, commencing with her graduation from M.D. University, where she earned a degree in commerce. Subsequently, she obtained a postgraduate degree in marketing and human resources. She has qualified for the UGC-NET exam and completed her doctorate in Marketing.

Her commitment to continuous improvement is evident through her multiple certifications, including Predictive Analytics and Managing Innovations from IIM-Bangalore. Additionally, she has certifications from prestigious universities like IIT Kanpur, IIT Roorkee, and IIT Madras in Marketing Management-I, Marketing Research & Analysis, and Sales & Distribution Management, respectively. Furthermore, she successfully completed the "Digital Transformation Strategy" Certification Program at Boston University in Massachusetts and achieved the Enterprise Design Thinking (practitioner level) badge from IBM

Innovative and forward-thinking, Dr. Krity Gulati holds a patent for the SCG Matrix from IP Australia. Her research prowess shines through her extensive publication record, which includes over 20 papers in esteemed national and international journals, indexed with SCOPUS, SCI, ABDC, UGC, and other databases. She actively engages in conferences held at renowned institutions such as BITS Pilani, IIM Shillong, and IIM Kozhikode. Her areas of expertise encompass brand management, consumer behavior, retail management, digital marketing, marketing research, and marketing management.

Currently, Dr. Krity Gulati serves as a Professor and Academic Head of the Department of Management at Lloyd Business School.

Teaching Interests: Brand Management, Consumer Behavior, Retail Management, Sales & Distribution Management, Digital Marketing, Marketing Research & Marketing Management.


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