Mr. S.C. Kapoor


Qualifications & Exposure


Prof. S. C. Kapoor is an alumnus of Delhi University and Indian Institute of Law having over 2 decades of experience in corporates, with his last assignment as General Manager - HR with the House of Tata.

He continues to train corporate personnel at KRIBHCO, National Hydro Power Corporation, Punjab & Sind Bank, Park hotels, ICAI, PHD Chambers, ASSOCHAM and others.

Key areas: Interpersonal effectiveness, managing your BSC (Boss, Superior, Colleagues), managing conflicts, negotiation skills, decision making, leadership and negotiation concept in professional life, managing stress at workplace, managing balance sheet of life, communication, journey from failure to success, team building of execution, know your persona to understand grey areas, office etiquettes, body language. Industrial relation & Interviews [Assessment with BARS techniques