Ms. Bhavana Sharma

Assistant Professor
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Qualifications & Exposure

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  • Ph.D.(Pursuing), Jiwaji University


Ms. Bhavana Sharma Assistant Professor at Lloyd business School, Noida and Pursuing Ph.D. from Jiwaji University, with a focus on Consumer behaviour and Consumer experience. Bhavana has written numerous research papers, several of which have been published in prestigious journals indexed in sations he ties hastiested her research findings.

She is a highly motivated and dedicated individual with an immense passion for research. Her enthusiasm for exploring new ideas and pushing the boundaries of knowledge shines through in her work. She possesses excellent analytical skills and a keen eye for detail, which allows her to delve deep into her research topics. Bhavana is known for her proactive approach to problem-solving and her ability to think critically. With a strong foundation in academia, Bhavana is committed to fostering a dynamic learning environment for her students. She believes in the power of education to shape individuals' futures and is dedicated to helping her students excel in their studies and research endeavours. Her approachable nature and willingness to guide and mentor students make her a beloved figure among her colleagues and students alike. She aspires to continue publishing impactful research that addresses real-world challenges and contributes to the academic community. Beyond her research pursuits, she aims to continue her role as an effective educator, imparting knowledge, critical thinking skills, and a passion for learning to the next generation of scholars.