The AAKRUTI (Lloyd Cultural Club)


The Aakruti Cultural Club of Lloyd of LLOYD BUSINESS SCHOOL aims to provide opportunities to everyone to experience and learn cultural aspects and participate in educational programs and develop their creative abilities. It also ensures to enhance the artistic qualities of its members as well as other students.


Freshers’s Party- - Fresher’s party was organized on 31st Aug 2019, where the management and Pharmacy students participated, and a competition for the fresher students was also conducted.

Diwali Competition- “Diwali Competition” was organized on 23rd Oct 2019, and four competitions were held. Those were- Rangoli making, Diya decoration, Mythology Quiz, Hashtag Photography. The event was full of enthusiasm, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. There were a tambola and best dress competition for faculties and staff.

Christmas & New Year party- Christmas & New year party was organized on 24th Dec 2019.

Blood Donation Camp- It has been Organized on 5th Feb 2020. Students have actively taken part and have contributed towards it.

E-Samaaroh- By taking a Great initiative during the Pandemic Period of Covid-19. Organized An online Event for Dancing, Singing, and Poetry to get rid of daily boredom and to take some time for entertainment. As we believe nothing can stop you, so how this pandemic Can stop you by showing your talent to the world. Students not from our college only but others too have participated in it and have made it Successful

Debate Competition- Intercollege Debate competition was organized on 22nd June 2020. Sharing our views/thoughts on a particular topic is like our daily work, but what if lockdown restrains you from doing that. Our club had Organized a tark vitark online program for the students. Many of them had participated in it wholeheartedly and had made it Successful!

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