Lloyd Signature (Editorial Club)

Overview of Editorial Club-The Editorial Club aim is to promote research manuscripts, literally creativity and skills of faculty and students. It also encourages faculty and students to develop a taste for research in their respective fields and also publish their research manuscripts.

The club is coming up with the first issue of bi-annual management magazine “Lloyd Chronicle” in the month of November, 2018. It provides exclusive exposure to faculty and students to express their writing skills and helping them to channelize their creative thoughts and cognition.


To inspires learning, creativity, innovative ideas and research environment among the faculty and students of Lloyd Business School.


Mission of the club is to implant writing skills both on literary and business analysis, thinking and producing authenticate works in authenticate style. It has the mission to influence the research their domain area to create healthy competitive spirit among Lloyd management Faculty and students.


We value high quality manuscripts, articles and research papers in the field of management along with cultivate writing skills in all aspects of management field. We also highlight the respect each of our member’s voices and seek to strengthen their ideas.


⦁ Case study competition

⦁ Talk Show

⦁ Short listing, Analyzing and Editing Manuscripts received to be published in the College magazine

⦁ Skit Competition

⦁ Earth Day Painting Competition

⦁ Blog Writing Competition

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