Talk Masters (Lloyd Communication Club)

Management students aim to have excellent communication skills. To ensure that they are able to convey their message effectively, they need to communicate properly with the other person. Communication plays a vital role in our everyday life with each one of us making use of different methods of communication for conveying our messages and for understanding the messages of others as well.

Through the use of healthy communication, almost all kinds of problems can be solved since all the parties involved are provided with a chance to put forward their thoughts as well as they are also assured that they are being heard during all points of time throughout the course of the process of communication. Whether professionally or personally, there is always the need to maintain a healthy and open- minded communication with people around you. Communication is an art which brings two individuals closer in the long run while also enabling them to understand each other’s thoughts easily.

This club is one such platform, where students will be groomed on all these aspects.


  • • To inculcate confidence in students while speaking
  • • To expose students towards real-time situations
  • • Motivating all students to gauge and improve their skills
  • • To help students overcome the fear of public speaking, thereby enhancing their overall personality


  • • Chai pe Charcha
  • • Group Discussions
  • • Free Speeches
  • • Extempore
  • • Wordless Acting
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