Good Samaritans (Lloyd CSR Club)

Social Responsibility is a duty every individual should perform to maintain a balance between the economy & ecosystems. Most desirable businesses exist to do much more than make money; they exist to solve social & environmental problems. The Good Samaritans CSR club is an initiative of Lloyd to produce leaders who are ethical & socially responsible.

In this world where everyone is working to be a winner, we want leaders who do not just grow alone as an individual or as an organization. Today, more than ever before - we need leaders who also help the society around them to grow, the leaders who before taking any business decision analyze its impact on others. We have somehow forgotten that initially business started to satisfy the needs of people & to serve them.

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The aim behind the activities of this club is:

  1. To make the students aware of the issues that the society is facing 
  2. To emotionally sensitize students towards the underprivileged part of the society
  3. To serve people in whichever ways possible.
  4. And, above all develop this as a habit / behavior to be responsible, kind & caring future leaders.
  5. So that when these students become a part & leaders of a corporation they can take initiatives at a bigger level to make this world a better place to live for everyone.

Student members of the CSR club interacted with the female support staff of the institute to understand and know about their life journey, struggles and aspirations. All the moments have been captured and showcased in a heart melting documentary film: Abhivyanjana.



Poster Making Competition on Social Issues

Collaborated with Goonj Initiative Rahat Floods to support victims of Kerala Floods

Donated funds to Goonj Orphanage, generated through auctioning Best out of Waste Creatives made by Lloyd students.

Organised online competition Mask-e-thon intended to make a mask on Make in India theme and donate it to community helpers. The intention was to promote “Swadeshi” and thanks giving to Community helpers in the times of pandemic COVID-19.

In future, we plan to do some field visits to help the society around us in as many ways as possible.