THE TOPLINERS (Lloyd Marketing Club)


As a club, The Top Liners, we bring together some of the brightest minds, interested in exploring the ever changing dynamics of marketing. The club aims to keep the members abreast with the latest marketing while integrating the creativity of its members across various academic backgrounds like humanities, science, & commerce. We firmly believe that a sound business education is an ideal mix of a world class curriculum and practical learning opportunities. As such, the club strives to create opportunities for members to learn by doing.


  • To provide a platform to participants & members to inculcate skills of marketing at academic level.
  • To participate in activities that enriches student’s exposure of marketing in the “real world," in addition to their lives
  • To create and manage events in order to position yourself not just inside the institute but outside as well.
  • To imbibe the skills of managing given resources & meeting deadlines
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