Lloyd's Entrepreneurship Cell (Lloyd's E-Cell)

Lloyd's Entrepreneurship Cell (Lloyd's E-Cell) is a dynamic hub at Lloyd Business School, spearheaded by select students chosen for their exceptional entrepreneurship acumen and prior experience. These student leaders play a pivotal role in driving the Institution's Innovation Cell activities, organizing on-campus entrepreneurship events, and fostering awareness among their peers. Functioning as the backbone of Lloyd Technology Business Incubator (LTBI), they contribute to daily operations and special occasions.

Under the expert guidance of Dr. Ajeeta Srivastava, these student leaders receive mentorship to refine their entrepreneurial vision and strategies. The E-Cell's overarching mission aligns with the visionary leadership of Dr. Vandana Arora Sethi, promoting an environment that nurtures innovation, business development, and entrepreneurial spirit throughout Lloyd Business School. Through their initiatives, Lloyd's E-Cell continues to inspire and empower the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders within the institution.