Management Summit 2020

LLOYD BUSINESS SCHOOL successfully organized its “MANAGEMENT SUMMIT-2020” wrapping SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT (SCM) and HUMAN RESOURCE (HR) Conclave 2.0, themed “a Panel Discussion on PARADIGSM ON INDUSTRY DYNAMISM”on 15thof February.The institute welcomed the deemed Chief Guests Mr. PAWAN TAYLA, India CFO, Publicis Sapient; Corporate Trainer, Art of Living Corporate Programs and SISTER DEEPA, Corporate Trainer, Brahma Kumaris. The event commenced with the welcome address by Prof. Vandana Arora Sethi(Group Director, Lloyd). Dr Vandana introduced the respected dignitaries and presented appreciation to them for marking their presence at the event. She also elaborated on the theme of the event stressing on the importance of matching the industry requirements for better career opportunities for students and apprised the audience about the successes of Lloyd Business School. Dr Vandana concluded remarking, “We don’t want students in the class, we want them in the industry” Emphasising how “Successful institutions are based on integrity, humility and accountability, which is very essential for any organization to flourish.”

Right after, Mr. Pawan Tayla also talks about the “Levels of Our Existence” and intrigued discussion on, “Are we participating in life fully?”. His central words were “I belong to you”, that clearly exclaims how to erase & let go of egoistic characteristics from a person. He says, “If there is dynamism in self, you can create it anywhere you go. You just need to be aware of whatever is happening around you and should be conscious about it.” He believes that, “For understanding Self we need to be in an environment where we belong” and said that, “outcome may not be in ones hand but putting ones 100% in everything, sure is.”

The aim of the summit was to identify challenges rising with the endless possibility of growth in technology and identifying means of accommodating the changes, with the development of an understanding with respect to Strategic Business Management and the reflection upon these distortions and the identification of mitigation strategies to have a smoother industrial transition. Lloyd Business School welcomed Mr. Vibhay Kumar, GM – Supply Chain Management, PowerGrid Corporation of India as a key note speaker on Supply Chain Conclave 2.0. He covered the growth, past & present, the geographical spread and the entire groups and structures of Power grid. According to him, “understanding supply chain management is none other than understanding the business; SCM is an integration of customers and products”. He further encouraged open cultural organizations to facilitate sharing of info and knowledge to the subordinates and be a part of the organization. The Summit included various Panel Discussions, Open forums and Result Declaration of Essay competition directed at establishing understanding & articulation of concepts.

The 1st Panel Discussion on “Impact of Supply Chain Analytics on Strategic Business Decisions”, involved Mr. Praduman Gupta, General Manager, Lasco Shipping Co. Pvt. Ltd; Mr. Sanjay Sood, Associate Professor, Lloyd Business School, who exclaimed “SCM used to be a linear process but now it is considered to be circular, So, any misconduct can bounce back at the supplier”; Mr. Ravindra Pandey, Business Head, Ananda Dairy Group; Mr. Vivek Nanda, Corporate Trainer Motivational Speaker/ Life Skill Specialist; Ms. Shweta Bhagat, Marketing & Author manager- Amazon India who discussed about the logistics strategies and risk management succeeded by the role of Analytics and Artificial Intelligence within Supply Chain Management to meet the customer expectations, value system and improve products offer. The discussion was moderated by Dr. Bhavleen Rekhi, Google Certified Corporate Trainer, remarked that “Predicting the future in the market is not astrology but big data analysis and marketing is reactive as well as pro-active to predictive analysis”.

The esteemed Chief Guest Sister Deepa, Trainer, Brahma Kumaris, was felicitated by Dr. Alka Jyoti, Director, Admissions, Lloyd Business School. She said, “Doing everything with happiness makes life easier. Once we add spiritual personality in our daily life; it makes life easier. In this challenging world, where things surface suddenly; how we respond to those things is the real key to success.” She also added, “Leaders never react, they observe the situation, understand different opinions, contemplate options, select the appropriate one and act...!”

Key Note address of Human Resource Conclave 3.0 was given by Dr K.N. Pandey, Former General Manager – Human Resource, Power grid Corporation of India Ltd. He talked about the “Paradigm of Industry Dynamism”. He said, “value is equal to perception of the society” and according to him, “brain is the laziest organ of the body and has to be pulled up the most”

In Panel Discussion (II) revolved around “Role of HR in Promoting Business Success”. Mr. Abhay Kapoor, Sr. HR, Amazon India; Mr. Sumit Chaudhuri, Chairperson & Managing Director, Third Millennium Business Resource Associates Pvt. Ltd; Dr Subhash C. Kapoor, Academician & Trainer, who gave two basic business success mantras, first “If you want to succeed in business, never underestimate your employees” and second “stop treating employees as a liability”; Mr. Amit Rathi, Co-Founder, EduStori; Mr. Prashant Kapur, Founder, EduStori; Dr Anju Chawla, Coach, Author, Assessor, Trainer, who exclaimed that “AI can work wonders in reducing the mechanical/monotonous tasks but machines cannot replace men, it can make the work easier but when human intervention is needed, it is not possible without HR”; Mr. Ashish Bakshi, Head HR- Mediatek India were panellists to the session. The discussion was moderated by Ms. Neetu Kamra, Asst. Prof., Lloyd Business School, who concluded that, “HR is going to resound and AI is going to assess. It is the receptivity of human mind which can never be replaced by machines”. The discussions covered several topics like, “Gender sensibility in business environment, HR is not just the HR Department of a company, but also inclusive of the other departments like sales, marketing, etc.”

An Essay Writing Competition was also held on 8th of February on the topic “The Importance of Physical and Digital Supply Chain Integration” where Abhishek Tripathi, a student of Sharda University bagged first prize and Rupal Singh a student of Galgotia University was the 1strunner up.

Another dynamic motivational lecture as closing remarks was given by Dr. Bhupender K. Som, Director, Lloyd Business School. Where he stated that “either students may learn from academics or they may learn the modern industrial aspect through the speakers who came at the event, but they will have to put efforts in either of the cases”.

Management summit saw participation from over 14 colleges from Delhi NCR including Indraprastha University, Delhi University & Sharda University, who were enlightened by this fruitful discourse on latest trends and issues in the field of Analytics, Supply Chain Management, Human Resource Management and Logistics.

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