Centre of Excellence

Lloyd Group of Institutions Proudly announces the Grand Opening of the Centre of Excellence (CoE) for Business Analytics, Data Science and Emerging technologies.

Lloyd Group of institutions has believed in collaborating with Organizations on the development of Industrial and Academic interfaces through the Centre of Excellence model (CoE) for the educational growth trajectory of its students.

The Centre of Data Analytics & AI Initiatives at Lloyd Group of Institutions formally started its pursuit of excellence in data-driven decision-making in the year 2018 and intends to drive scientific thinking amongst students of Engineering and Management. The two Schools at Lloyd Group of Institutions, namely Lloyd Institute of Management & Technology (LIMT) and Lloyd Institute of Engineering and Technology (LIET) are equipped with state-of-the-art Data Analytics Lab with IBM which is enabling students for such dynamic educational interventions where technology is the backbone. The Lloyd Group Institutions has strongly believed in upskilling students through technology-enabled business technologies and market-centric job opportunities.

Vision of the Centre of Data Analytics and AI initiatives

  • To improve and disseminate data-driven scientific thinking among students for professional upskilling.

Mission of the Centre of Data Analytics and AI initiatives

  • Our endeavour is to attain excellence in data science with business acumen through the exposure of multidisciplinary skills in the field of IT, Marketing, Human Resources, and Supply Chain Management.
  • To work in collaboration with industry and academic institutions to help them generate knowledge from data and create business value through pieces of training and projects enablement.

Areas or domains for Centre of Excellence (CoE):

  • Big Data
  • Cloud Innovation
  • Competitive programming
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • DevOps
  • Blockchain

Under the Centre of Data Analytics & AI Initiatives  at Lloyd, the centre  aims to become the beacon in the field of Analytics & Data Science and functions to achieve the following objectives,

  • To foster growth inability to read, analyse and argue with data for building a culture of analytics within the institution and across the country.
  • To become a leading expert research centre in data science and analytics through,
  • Focused multidisciplinary research,
  • Knowledge dissemination and knowhow to the stakeholders, and
  • Collaboration with the industry and public institutions to generate business value from the data.

Common COE responsibilities include:

  • Mentoring the internal Power BI community. For more information, see the Community of practice article.
  • Producing, curating, and promoting training materials. For more information, see the Mentoring and user enablement article.
  • Creating documentation and resources to encourage consistent use of standards and best practices. For more information, see the Mentoring and user enablement article.
  • Establishing and maintaining the BI platform and data architecture.
  • Staffing a COE

Currently, under the successful Centre of Excellence (CoE) engagement model with Celebal Technology, the HTD model of Hire-Train-Deploy enables students to be trained in Power BI analytics platform by Microsoft. The trained Interns thereafter from the CoE, are deployed in projects with Celebal Technologies to design, develop, and deploy products, platforms and services. The CoE has many distinguished domain experts as mentors/guides visiting the CoE for training the students of the Engineering and Management School at Lloyd. To ensure that the gap between research and industry is bridged, there are efforts at ensuring continuous engagement at multiple levels in many of the key areas of study like enhancing and customising course curriculum as per requirements from the company.

The year 2021-23 PGDM-Business Analytics batch proudly has a 100% hiring in the centre of excellence by Celebal technologies which is a proud delight ! at an encouraging package .

The CoE with Celebal Technology would be coordinating:

  • Hackathons
  • Training and development of students
  • Mentoring by Industry
  • Summer Internship for students
  • Projects and other assignments for students in industry