Online Guest Lecture By Dr Ashok Deepan


Dr Ashok Deepan, a PhD holder in Cognitive science (Consumer Behavior- HCI) and a Masters graduate in Information System Management from Premier Tier 1 University EPITA - Paris.

He has led over 55 + consulting projects in domains of Edu tech, Retail, FMCG, E-Commerce, Hospitality, and Healthcare. With an anchor of 14+ Years as Business Consultant & Director of Bluechip MNC's and Startups like IBM, Accenture, 24/7 Consulting, Byjus, Zolostays, Cuemath, Levi's ,Cafe Coffee Day, Adidas, Nike, Pizza Hut , Radisson Blu Etc. His consulting portfolio covered diaspora of Operational Strategies, Business Process Optimization, Sales Cycle Frameworks, Business Models, Market penetration, Market Analysis, Marketing Analytics.

He shared his insights with MBA & PGDM students of Lloyd Business School on "Decode Marketing Strategies". He expressed a detailed description on the different online and offline strategies adopted by industries. He guided the students about the relevance of Content in marketing. In addition, he shared an understanding of marketing metrics like performance metrics and other tools related to measuring marketing activities.

online-guest-lecture-by-ashok-deepan-april3 lloyd Business School