Online Guest Lecture By Mr. Pankaj Chopra


As we know Knowledge and Attitude are the two imperatives for success in ever increasing competitive corporate domain, thus following the philosophy of 'Learning by Doing" Lloyd Business School organised an Online Guest Lecture for students of PGDM both 1st Year and 2nd Year and MBA-IV Semester Students on the Topic: Formulation of Strategic Actions: Strategic Acquisitions and Restructuring that aims at molding business students into managers to meet the challenges thrown by the competitive business environment.

As per the course curriculum, it is imperative to impart practical application of the concepts that are being taught, which will enhance the knowledge base and enrich experience of our students. Also, it will further get an understanding regarding how the concepts impact their lives as individuals.

The Lecture delivered by Senior Management Expert from Industry Mr. Pankaj Chopra, Former Managing Director and Board member of Arvos Energy India Private Limited, a group company of ARVOS on April 25th.

online-guest-lecture-by-pankaj-chopra-april25 lloyd Business School