Online Guest Lecture By Mr Sudhindra Mohan


A webinar session on "Management perspectives for groundwater resources in India" was delivered by Sudhindra Mohan Sharma (Advisor, Water resource Management) on 15th May 2020 for management aspirants, industry practitioners, academicians, and research scholars. The session focused on the importance of resource management for the development of any country. When the resource is as valuable as groundwater, its impact is multidimensional and with huge far-reaching implications. Natural resource management in our country is still a discipline that is considered to be a domain of technocrats and technical experts with a few policymakers from the government. Groundwater is one sector which, due to its unique range of applications, has several cross-cutting and diverse areas of influence such as social, technical, political, economic, and so on. We need to understand the importance of professional management of such a vital resource and its various aspects. The talk intended to provide better insights into the status of groundwater resources, management concepts for such a natural resource, and how this sector has a huge potential for entrepreneurship and, of course, job opportunities.

online-guest-lecture-by-sudhindra-mohan-may15 lloyd Business School