Communication & Presentation Skills

Communication & Presentation Skills

Eighth Training Series on “Communication & Presentation Skills” For Executive(s) of M/s. Petronet LNG Limited by Lloyd Business School Faculty 17th & 18th November 2021

With the advances in digital technology, good communication skills both in-person and online are more important than ever, especially post covid, the challenges of interpersonal skills due to distance have increased. Communication Voids have become very difficult to close. Actively improving communication skills play an important role in the process of personal development and career progression.

The Delhi Productivity Council conducted its 8th corporate series for Executive training through online mode for the Petronet LNG Limited on the theme “Communication and Presentation” skills.

The series witnessed 42 senior management employees of Petronet LNG Ltd from across India participating in this memorable eighth-in-line series workshop on 17th and 18th November 2021.

The workshop was conducted with a plethora of experts like Prof S C Kapoor, Lloyd Business School, Mr. Gaurav Vashisth, Entrepreneur and Trainer, and, Dr. Neetu Bali Kamra, Associate Professor, Lloyd Business School. Dr Ashok Tiwari, Director, Lloyd Business School also interacted with the team of DPC and the participants to further provide insights to Business communication and challenges.

The session focused on some niche skills like feedback and evaluation as an important tool in effective communication for enhancing productivity. Decision-making also was discussed through psychometric testing conducted by Prof Kapoor. Also, certain nuances of feedback that create conflicting situations in organization were dealt and discussed in the session.

It was encouraging to see the diverse fields of the organization that participated in the session like accounts, operations, IT, business development, Maintenance, and utilities.

The first day of the session addressed communication through various modes like storytelling, group discussions, behavioral measurements, advertisements, Vedic literature, etc. The second day of the training program discussed the post covid challenges in communication and an open house for resolving participants’ queries.

The series of training is planned to be held for next month as well, making it ninth in the series.

This training is soon to be planned to be held offline so as to reconnect with the audience even more and make this series a memorable one.