Workshop On “Effective Communication Skills” For Petronet Lng Ltd

17th to 24th September 2021

Delhi Productivity Council Organized an Online Webinar on “Communication & Presentation Skills” For Executive(s) of M/s. Petronet LNG Limited on 17th and 24th September , the trainers for the session were Prof SC Kapoor , Lloyd Business School , DrNeetu Bali Kamra , Lloyd Business School and Mr Gaurav Vashistt, Director operation[ GREEN DECOR] an Entrepreneur and Trainer.

The workshop was conducted on Effectiveness of Communication by addressing varied concepts of communication like significance of communication, listening skills, speaking skills, art of presentation skills, Oral presentations, Storytelling in Communication. The audience were highly enthusiastic and the session was enthralling as the trainees were engaged in the workshop with great discussions and insights that deliberated some innovative discussions in communication like conflict management and decision making skills.

Prof Kapoor conducted a tool on Decision Making Skills for the attendees through psychological testing which was interpreted and discussed, and almost significant 90 % interpretations were accurately deciphered for which the session was highly applauded by the Managers. The approach to the session were exchange of life changing experiences, anecdotes, stories , motivational movies and captivating advertisements that could create a magnet of attachment with the audience. The session was further supported by student mentees of Prof Kapoor from Lloyd Business School SushmitaKumari and Manu Jain who actively participated in the organizing of the session, as at Lloyd we believe in “Train the Students” model of learning.

The session was a true celebration and rejoicing of intellectual connect among the Team of Trainers and the Participants from Industry, truly humbling and learning journey for all.