Supply Chain Conclave (SCM CONCLAVE 3.0)

Supply Chain Conclave (SCM CONCLAVE 3.0)

Industry Alliances Strategic Integration towards Effective Supply Chain Management

Industry Panellists

  1. Rajamohan Varambally (Director, STM Electronics)
  2. RameshVenkat (Industry Head, Logistics Skills Council)
  3. Dr Smriti (Moderator)
  4. Arvind Mitta( CPO,Signo Drive Logistics Pvt Ltd)
  5. Vijay Wadhwani (Head SCM,Relaxo Footwears Ltd)

February 27th ,2021 celebrated yet another milestone in the history of Lloyd Business School in its promise to deliver quality education through strong industry alliances for management education , by hosting the ‘Third SCM Conclave’ .

The topic of the session was trending and mind exploring especially with the advent of new oppurtunities through supply chain and logistics in the after Covid catastrophe.

The day rejoiced with some powerful insights from Industry experts who discussed the issues, oppurtunities, growth and challenges in the upcoming year for the Logistics firms.

The session started with enthusiastic and visionary contribution by the Group Director , Lloyd Group , Dr Vandana Sethi. The dynamic insights of the Group Director who discussed the Covid 19 as the new insight for a directional approach to augmented and systematic  re-ordering of supply chain through technology for a better penetration of the logistics implementation in Industries especially after the Covid was highly impactful .

The purpose of the discussion was to highlight the relationship between integration and implementation of SCM practices through strategic collaborative business collaboration  . This integration covered the issues of communication which could lead to partnerships , alliances and cooperation . Also, the strategic plan through design and methodology that could help to implement SCM between trading partners for a win-win solution. And lastly, the critical factors for the intra-organizational aspects of organizational SCM that lead to holistic view of an integrated management of logistics in an organization.

The session was moderated by Dr Smriti , who collaborated the insights from various speakers like Mr RajaMohan who discussed technology as the product , its production , designing and manufacturing which is indigenous and global , a delicate balance . He discussed the creative evolution of product for an electronics related components from India manufactured globally , the challenges and opportunities to get the entire format of business going.

Mr Ramesh Venkat highlighted the immense green field projects that could germinate through effective supply chain management systems in organizations. Especially with technology playing a very crucial role in SCM the entrepreneurial ventures that can stimulate yet challenging roles and create jobs are other areas that SCM leverages with its immense potential.

There were insightful discussions in the conclusion on queries , and a major myth with students survived was women in supply chain and the job roles handled by them. Mr Vijay Wadhwani yet again shared through his organizational experience the immense growth opportunities for women in SCM sector and the barrier of gender diversity to be fought so that more women can become part of this creative sector.Mr Arvind Mittal and other panellists further validated the evolution of the gender diverse field of women power in this sector.

In all, Lloyd Business School managed to invite and onboard 150+ external participants through the event, from industry to academic institutions of repute both nationally and internationally. A total of 350+ delegates joined and benefited from this enlightening discussion on pressing industry issues.

The session, in all was a collaboration of the mindsets of diverse management players from varied sections, roles and designations amalgamating the bountiful opportunities this sector entails.

The session ended with an encouraging and promising vote of thanks from the Director, Lloyd Business School, Dr Bhupender Som for yet another milestone of quality education achieved by the School.

The event was a success in every way.