Expert Talk on “Opportunities and Challenges in Supply Chain Management in India”

An expert talk on “Opportunities and Challenges in Supply Chain Management in India” by Mr. Gaurav Vashishth (CEO of Green Décor and Cheetah Logistics), was held at Lloyd Business School on 4th June 2022 for PGDM (SCM) students.

The session had vibrant and dynamic thoughts expressed by Mr Gaurav Vashisth an entrepreneur and an educator, who is also a motivational speaker and guest faculty at many renowned management colleges in Delhi-NCR.

Many industry examples of OYO, UBER, etc were discussed to stimulate case-based discussion in the expert talk. The eminent speaker discussed that an efficient SCM system enables the planning of inventory, the transition of products, and the point of sales – which ultimately plays a key role in customer satisfaction, ensuring better availability of sizes/options and that the right product reaches the consumer at the right time.

Mr Gaurav Vashisth is also a mentoring leader at Lloyd who also conducted a 1:1 mentoring meet with his students at Lloyd after the session.

The session also had an open house where students addressed their queries regarding placement opportunities for SCM in newer times.

The session was very educationally reverberating and stimulating.