Topliners (Marketing Club)


June 30th, 2022

The most awaited day for the members of Topliners (Marketing Club) was full of enthusiasm, coordination and teamwork.

MARKETING-O-MANIA was the name of this year’s event under which 3 exciting and knowledge driven rounds were conducted. 

Round 1:- Memes  on non-Marketing products.

Round 2:- AD-MAD show 

Round 3:- Brand Addict 

Innovative techniques and creative thoughts pertaining to the Marketing field were showcased by the Management students of Lloyd. M.O.M (Marketing - O – Mania) was organized by passionate Marketers of Topliner. Competitions like these play a vital role in motivating students to perform and boost their confidence as well as creativity. The event was about crazy memes, advertising creativity and brand love. The entire event was 3 rounds and nicely managed by the members of the club. Not only the participants but the audience & guests were present with their hearts. The event started with the memes round and gradually moved towards advertising and the brand addicts. Best part was students tried to perform their entire act on the spot and within minimum time. Winners awarded with exciting gifts & certificates too.