Whatever it takes to succeed

08th Oct, 2022

An insightful session was conducted by Ms. Saloni Kaul on “Whatever it takes to Succeed “ attended by the students of PGDM 22-24 on 8th Oct’2022 via zoom platform. Ms. Kaul started the session by narrating an inspiring story on “the allegory of a frog”. The main takeaway from that was to never listen to people who always give negative comments.  To guard our dream we must first dream.

Action is a must for a good fortune to happen. Planning is a crucial part which involves having a clear vision, to achieve what we aspire by taking small steps.  Expert  also emphasized on “dare to dream” and no dream is unrealistic one should male persistent efforts to make it a reality.  Life should be a ‘masterpiece ‘. Having a positive outlook and enthusiasm can really help to take a first step which is most important to succeed. Ms. Kaul also elaborates some strategies to execute:

  • Know where you want to go.
  • Know what you want.
  • Know what skills are required and acquire them.
  • Have a growth mindset.
  • Know your purpose

What ultimately propels us to achieve our goals is to stop resisting and start embracing. Change should be the norm and not a cause of alarm. She also shared a quote on the same,” you cannot discover oceans unless you’ve the courage to lose sight of the shore”.

Later on there was an interactive round of Q&As where Ms. Saloni answered the questions asked by the students. And the gist of it was one should have a quality of people connect to be a successful leader and to motivate oneself one should keep reading affirmations. Values are a foundation.  It is important to be updated and challenge yourself all the time. When you believe in something it will happen. 

In conclusion,never lose your zest if you aim for excellence you'll achieve it for sure and must desire to develop into a result based and emotionally intelligent leader to set a benchmark. Create your own future.