Workshop on Predictive Analytics using SPSS

Event Name: Workshop on Predictive Analytics using SPSS Event Date: 17th June 2023
Faculty Coordinators: Ms. Neha Issar Event Timings: 10am-1 pm
Participants :20 Venue: Online
MOC : Zoom Guest : Ms. Saloni Gulati, IBM SME


To provide students with a comprehensive understanding of predictive analytics techniques and their application through the SPSS Modeler software. The session aimed to equip attendees with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively utilize SPSS Modeler for predictive modeling, data exploration, and predictive analytics workflows.

Detailed Report:

On 17th June, 2023, Lloyd Business School, Greater Noida organized a workshop on Predictive Analytics using SPSS. The session was conducted virtually on a zoom platform where students from various courses such as PGDM, MBA, BBA,, Pharmacy, etc. were gathered to learn predictive analytics and its implications in the business world.

The whole session was divided into four major parts. They were Introduction, theoretical part, practical part, and Q&A.

The session started with a brief introduction of the topic and the guest by Ms. Neha Issar,faculty of Analytics. The trainer Ms. Saloni Gulati, IBM SME started with the theoretical part where she discussed Data Mining, importance of data visualization, CRISP-DM, and stages involved in it.

Later, she went on to discuss the practical aspect of IBM SPSS Modeller. She step-by-step guided students to install the software, generate license key, and start the software. After that she discussed the interface of the software and showed how to build a model with a training dataset.

At the end, she answered all the questions that students had and the session ended with a thank you note from Ms. Neha Issar. Overall, the session was fruitful and students gained an overall understanding of building a predictive model using SPSS.

Learning Outcomes:

After the completion of the session, students were able to-

  • Understand the principles and applications of predictive analytics.
  • Use SPSS Modeler software for data preprocessing, predictive modeling, and evaluation.
  • Build predictive models using various algorithms and techniques available in SPSS Modeler.
  • Explore and visualize data to uncover patterns and gain valuable insights.
  • Evaluate model performance, selecting the best model, and effectively communicating results.