Ms. Sonia Jaitly

Qualifications & Exposure

  • Degree:
  • Experience:
  • MA (Mass Comm. and Journalism), MA (Psychotherapy and Counselling)
  • 15 years of Training Experience


Ms. Jaitly is a lively, enthusiastic trainer who believes that high quality training and development, tailored to individual needs, will improve the performance of managers and staff, increase job satisfaction and reduce staff turnover, thereby optimizing results. She works on communication and develops programmes that make it particularly easy for learning to be transferred to the workplace.

Apart from Communications, her forte lies in area of People management. Most of her work is based on Applied Behavior Sciences. A psychotherapist by qualification, She uses her grasp on the human psyche to help leaders develop new people skills; learn methods of delegation that is person specific. All of which have shown to have encouraging effects on issues such as Attrition, Productivity, Absenteeism etc.

Her training career spans a total of 14 years, some of the organizations which have benefited through her interventions are:

• G.E. Capitals



• Bharti Telesoft

• Wipro BPO

• Kroll India

• Indian Express

• Tanishq

• World of Titan

• Octane media (RICO)


• Punjab & Sindh Bank


• Delhi Police

• Lloyd Business School

She was born in Calcutta, India. She graduated from The Calcutta University having majored in English Literature.(B.A Hons). Her love for communication, soon led her to doing her master’s programme (M.A) in Mass Communication and Journalism from Calcutta University.

Her desire to reach out to more people has motivated her to learn the nuances of psychotherapy- Sonia holds a Master’s Degree (in Counseling and Psychotherapy). Over years Sonia has helped people gain insight into their feelings, change behaviors, resolve problems or learn how to deal with feelings like stress, grief, loss, fear and sadness.

She also holds a degree in Special Education (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and has trained at the premiere institute AFA, Action for Autism. She has also completed higher certifications from AACTION AUTISM, Chicago, USA. She also holds the rare distinction of being one of the few to be TAP level 1 and level 2 and level 3 certified in the sub continent.

Presently, she is associated with Lloyd Business School as Director_ Training and Placement

Sonia often says

“I am NOT against Autism, I am not on a crusade to try and defeat it ! I am just pro finding solutions for individuals who have Autism, solutions that will help them satisfy their potential”

It is with this objective; Sonia has set up three schools to date.

She collaborated with the Udaan Foundation to set up the ASD facility at their Dayanand Colony branch.

Soon after she was approached by the Umeed Foundation, Malibu town, Gurgoan to set up their facility.

On 2nd July 2012, Sonia founded Orane Kids, school for individuals with special needs.

Sonia’s indomitable spirit finds expression rallying for the rights of individuals with Autism, conducting workshops and Art.

Sonia lives in Noida with her daughters and her husband.