Dr. Shruti Sharma

Assistant Professor

Qualifications & Exposure

  • Degree:
  • Experience:
  • Ph.D, MSc
  • 4 years of Academic Experience


Dr. Shruti Sharma is a Post Graduate from Birla College, Gwalior. She completed her Doctoral studies from NIU. She has 4 years of experience in Academics & Research. She has presented research papers in various National & International Publications. Presently, she is associated with Lloyd Business School as an Assistant Professor.

  • Paper presentation in the National conference on “In-vitro antifungal activity at department of biotechnology”, IILM academy of higher learning, college of engineering and technology, Greater Noida
  • Shruti Sharma1, Tripti Bhatnagar2, Fanish Kumar Pandey3 .”Comparative Analysis and In-vitro Antifungal Activities of Myrtaceae Aqueous Extracts”. International Journal of Life Sciences Research. Vol. 2, Issue 4, pp: (120-123), Month: October - December 2014.
  • Shruti Sharma1, Tripti Bhatnagar2, Fanish Pandey. “A comparison of antifungal potential of standardized aqueous and alcoholic extracts of trees of class mangnoliatae”. International Research Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences Volume-2, Issue-2 (February 2015).