Research Talk on Saturdays

At Loyd Business School, we are focused towards 360-degree development of students & faculty. With an aim of enriching the research profile of the faculty, we have pioneered a programme called "Research Talk on Saturdays". The objective of these talks is to bring forth the ideas and approaches of each faculty member regarding their research areas that eventually leads to cross-learning and co-development. Every saturday, one of the faculty members present their on-going or intended research project for discussions and seeking constructive feedback.

Talk I: Dr. Bhupender K. Som (Director, Lloyd Business School) chaired the first talk on his research paper titled "Markovian Queuing Model with Heterogeneous Service, Reverse Balking and Retention of Impatient Customers". The aim of his talk was to give an insight into conceptual understaning of the queing systems, reverse balking and the wider applicability of his research in the field of business.

Team building workshops - Group Discussions
Team building workshops - Group Discussions

Research Talk II: Dr. Shruti Traymbak (Associate Professor, Lloyd Business School) delivered a talk on “Impact of Job Characteristics and Role Stress on Job Satisfaction - A case study of software industry in India.” The talk included various tools uses in Research Paper like Multigroup Moderation Analysis & Chi-Square Difference Test.

The discussions were also held on issues like:

  • How to write a Literature Review for beginners
  • Plagiarism
  • Publications
  • How to find Research Scope
  • Essence of Research Work &
  • Conceptual & Empirical Research Paper.
Team building workshops - Group Discussions
research-talk-V-2 - Group Discussions
research-talk-VII-3 - Group Discussions

Research Talk III: Dr. Krity Gulati (Associate Professor, Lloyd Business School) delivered a talk on the topic - “Behavioural Analysis of Online Customers” . She discussed on behavioral aspects of online buyers with special emphasis on analyzing e-perception as an antecedent of e-satisfaction using regression technique.

Team building workshops - Group Discussions
Team building workshops - Group Discussions
Team building workshops - Group Discussions

Research Talk IV:Dr. SK Matta and Prof. Faisal Noman delivered a talk on the topic: "Operational Efficiency of Indian Cement Industry : A Growth Ahead ”. The topic discussed about Cement Industry and their research study identified that some cement companies working in space are not performing well due to the high cost of labour and raw material as a percentage of sales has been a matter of great concern Indian players.

research-talk-IV-1 - Group Discussions
research-talk-IV-2 - Group Discussions
research-talk-IV-3 - Group Discussions

Research Talk V:Dr. Prashant Raj delivered a talk on the topic: "Investigating the effects of Merger and Acquisition (M&A) in Pharmaceutical Industry in India: A comparative Study ". He discussed about the Comparative Financial study between pharmaceuticals firms who opted for an organic growth tool merger and acquisition.

research-talk-V-1 - Group Discussions
research-talk-V-3 - Group Discussions
research-talk-V-4 - Group Discussions

Research Talk VI:Prof. Soumya Singhal delivered a talk on the topic: “Mirroring a Decade Long Experience on Intellectual Capital Research” She discussed about Intellectual Capital(IC) as well as pillars of IC, objective of paper was to study the research that happened in last 10 years and to conduct Inter-Dimensional relationship & the outcome was IT and Education sector has been studied most in this regard, reason being human capital is highly used in these sectors. There is a future scope for researchers to do research in this area & handfuls of studies have been conducted in India.

research-talk-VI-1 - Group Discussions
research-talk-VI-2 - Group Discussions
research-talk-VI-3 - Group Discussions

Research Talk VII:Prof. Neetu Kamra delivered a talk on the topic: “Sensemaking of Sociomateriality of Technology - Using Qualitative Analysis Technique through Social Construction and N-Vivo Analysis”. She detailed about thematic analysis which has its history in data deduction. The qualitative coding (Richards 2005) followed a set of principles and three steps: descriptive coding, or storing information that describes the case; topic coding, which allocates passages to topics; and analytical coding, which defines and interprets the meaning of the extracts in their context.

research-talk-VII-1 - Group Discussions
research-talk-VII-2 - Group Discussions

Research Talk VIII:Dr. Vandana Pareek delivered a talk on the topic: “The Relational Impact of Employee Satisfaction on Customer Satisfaction in Banking Industry: An Empirical Study”. She detailed about “Relationship of Customer and Employee satisfaction in public and private sector banks in Varanasi, highlighted theory of service profit chain by using linear regression. The study found that employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction in public and private sector banks were different parameter wise but the mean satisfaction of employee and customer were same in both. Also the study substantiated that the customer satisfaction is actually impossible without satisfaction of employees”

research-talk-VIII-1 - Group Discussions
research-talk-VIII-2 - Group Discussions
research-talk-VIII-3 - Group Discussions