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How to Choose Best BBA College in DelhI NCR

5,December 2019

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) is a very attractive course after completing school in India. As the name suggests, it gives an individual necessary exposure to managing businesses. The course also provides knowledge about management and leadership. It is also considered to be a foundation course before pursuing a Master of Business Administration (MBA). Lets first talk about the eligibility to pursue BBA. The basic requirement is the 12th standard with any subject. The person who wants to do well in this field must have analytical skills, leadership skills, decision-making skills, etc. There are different modes of pursuing BBA i.e. Regular as well as Distance Mode however the regular mode holds more value than the distance one. The course teaches the students to prepare plans for a business, etc. AICTE (All India Council of Technical Education) is the accreditation body for this course. If I talk about Top BBA Colleges in Delhi NCR then I would say Lloyd Business School is one of the best Colleges imparting quality education in the management field. What should be the criteria to choose the best Colleges of Management? I would say the selection must be based on some of the points mentioned below:

  • Faculty
  • Library
  • College Infrastructure
  • Discipline
  • E-Resources


These are some of the points using which a college can be judged good, better or the best. One can argue that there can be some more points which will define the superiority among the different colleges. I agree with this however the above-mentioned points are the basic building blocks of the best college. Faculties are the foundation of any management college. It is they who decide the future of a student. The best in class faculties will help a student to scale up the ladder of success without any strenuous effort. Library also plays a significant part in helping the students and in turn attracting more and more quality students to the college. If a student can get good reference books in the college library then he/she does not have to purchase them. The next very important point is College Infrastructure.

College Infrastructure

A college with an attractive infrastructure is full of students because they would like to come to college. Let's compare two colleges' infrastructure. There is a college that has well air-conditioned rooms with premium furniture to sit upon. On the other hand, another college does not have any air condition with broken furniture in the classrooms. The students will not like to come to the college with broken furniture and non-air-conditioned classrooms. They would rather like to attend college with all the amenities that will give them peace of mind during their stay in the college premises.


Discipline is of utmost necessary in any educational institution however the question is whether the discipline is followed rigorously or is it just a word in the college. There is a college that starts at 10 am and most of the students are in the college after 10:30 am and the college is not taking any action against them. Can we say that they are following the rules of discipline? No, they are not following the rules. It is one such example where students will take things for granted and the entire discipline goes for a toss. This kind of situation not only creates confusion in the students but also in the various corporates that may visit the campus soon for the recruitments.


Lastly, Let’s talk about E-Resources. It is not feasible logically as well as practically to have all the resources available in the campus library. The Internet is a huge resource that has a massive amount of knowledge available to the masses however it requires information technology to make use of this unlimited knowledge house. An institution must have systems capable of providing information to the students enrolled in a short time. Lloyd Business School has a well established Computer Lab to cater to the ever-increasing technological demands of the students. The computers have the best in class software helping students in every aspect of their courses. I am not mentioning any college rankings in this post because many ranking websites rank colleges as per their understanding of different parameters. A college can be ranked number 10 on a particular ranking portal. On the other hand, the same college is at number 4 on a different ranking portal.

I would like to conclude by stating that college is best if the students studying in that college consider it to be the best in terms of Education, Infrastructure, etc. It is the students that make or break the college because they are the backbone of any educational institution. Positive feedback is a thousand times better than negative feedback. Lloyd Business School is one such college that takes every student’s feedback very seriously.