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6,May 2019

The best The appeal of the whole information technology arena is that it is designed to make people and organizations more knowledgeable, efficient, and/or profitable .The scope of technology that an organization can adopt or employ is vast, implementation of technological systems can either act as a catalyst for change or the change itself which can have irrevocable changes on organizational life

Business processes are changing with time , space , robotics , machine learning, artificial learning . The ever changing needs of the businesses needs to be addressed .The top MBA programs that are gaining advantage are :

  • Business Analytics
  • Operations Management
  • International Management
  • As is viewed above , almost all management courses have an scope of Business Analytics. The ‘data revolution’, or ‘big data’ as it is commonly referred to, describes the massive increase in the amount of data that exists, and also to our ability to perform increasingly sophisticated analytics using this data. Data is now being considered an economic and a policy asset for decision-making and we anticipate it will be crucial in all policy-making in coming years especially for Student Development and Employability skill enhancement. This is called learning analytics, which is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of data about learners for the purposes of understanding and optimizing learning and the environments in which it occurs

    Operations management is another area which is gaining great visibility in to Management .The control of all business activities is dependent on operations management which is the backbone of the organization. Specially with e- commerce rising in India like Paytm , Trivago etc the business through the Internet is gaining scope hence specializing in these domain specific areas of Business Development are encouraged.

    International Business Management is another area of Interest as boundaries have expanded and approachability to accessing of resources, people and technology is no more a luxury. Thus International marketing would delve into Internal Collaboration policies and systems for International Business Considerations

    Indian Market is opening to many new vistas of change from Analytics, e-commerce , Knowledge Management etc that since we are in a transient change the scope for exploration and diversity is immense

    Students need to be equipped with business awareness so that this can be nurtured as business acumen .There is no dearth for good work in India. It is just that the skills and the industry requirements are in a shortage. This mismatch of understanding in academic and professional world creates unemployment .A study of the gap analysis is need to advent a change between expectations and what is actually delivered by management courses. The academic institutions need to play a strategic role in order to bridge the deficit.

    Students are advised to visit job portal sites that can play an immense role in understanding the current trends in the market so that you can evaluate which job, roles or profiles are dominant in the industry today. An understanding of the job, roles and competencies can help ascertain the students to choose the way to growing business needs and requirements. Judiciously they can work according to their skill set assessment on gap analysis. The SWOT analysis could be recommended tool. However the SWOT would evolve hence students should revise the same regularly.

    Another way to categorize the Subject for Management course would be to understand the Competencies in the Job. Competencies are knowledge skills and abilities. Just knowledge about a subject is no more the requirement , but the interface of knowledge with skills so that the knowledge can be converted in to practicable implementation.

    Lastly the subject that is a student’s prime most appealing in terms of interest is what should be the final take away. You don’t survive a profession but a passion .Passion will drive excellence hence students need to know what drives them and attain it.

    All the Best for students aspiring for Management for it is going to be a Buzz word in times to come with challenges and opportunities