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After completing the graduation in any stream next question comes in mind to have post graduate degree. But again the mind starts thinking in which field post graduation is to be done. And among many courses available Management Degree is at the top of the list. Reason there is a great need for managerial roles now a days, to which the PGDM/MBA degree holders are well equipped to fulfill. They have the knowledge about management and how to handle issues related to work and corporations. There are various fields that one can specialize in, like business analytics, supply chain, marketing, finance, human resource, and many more. One definitely advances his career prospects and has plenty of job opportunities. Further, most of the employers these days want their employees to have an PGDM/MBA degree.

Now again question arises from where it is to be done? Either a candidate should go abroad to earn a Management degree or within the country. The task of choosing a right Business-School has become even more difficult in the present scenario because there are no standard parameters in our country. On the other hand, large number of surveys have been carried out by foremost magazines which further exaggerate bewilderment in the minds of the student.

Initially management courses in India were tantamount with IIM's only. But with increasing demand of the Management Program several good Business-School have emerged to cater to the growing population. In the last twenty five years a large number of Business-Schools have emerged along with IIM's, like IIT's, FMS Delhi, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) New Delhi, XLRI Jamshedpur, IMT Ghaziabad, MDI Gurgoan and Murshidabad, SPJIMR Mumbai, various Central and State Universities and Llyod Business School (LBS), Greater Noida

Besides the name above, there are about more than 2500 universities and institutions which provide PGDM/MBA as on date. Again there are number of institutions which are specialized in various functional areas of management. Out of the pool of more than 2500 universalities and institutions it is difficult for students as well as for their parents to select a Best Business-School as per their requirements. It need a lot of patience and brainstorming exercise for both. Every individual is different from each other and they have to select an appropriate program as well as institute for himself or herself.

While choosing an appropriate B-School for career enhancement it is necessary to establish certain common factors upon which each institute or university will be judged. The following factors should be kept in mind while opting a B-School by student:

Self Assessment

In selecting the best B-school for himself/herself the first step is to make a SWOT analysis. Self assessment is pre-requisite in this process which will help the candidate to select a B-school which is famous for the specialization you wish to pursue in your Management program. What is the strength and weaknesses of the candidate, after having a detailed investigation, the candidate should proceed for investigating a B-school's area of specialization where he/she is looking for their career goal.

Academics and Infrastructure

Academic structure and infrastructural facilities are the contrivance which run the ever present machine for every top business school in India. These two aspects of an PGDM/MBA institute go a long way in asserting the propensity of a institute to provide a solid management degree

The success achieved by top management institutions in the country such as IIM's, IIT's, FMS and LBS is down to the presence of a strong academic structure and sound infrastructural facilities for students. At LBS we have permanent faculty members, who impart theoretical knowledge to students whereas visiting faculty are normally working professionals who provide students with the necessary exposure to the practical way of working.


Along similar lines, because B-schools have so much flexibility, their curricula vary a lot. To pick the best curriculum for you, really think about your learning style and what you want to get out of the program. Your needs will depend on a number of things, including what you have studied in under graduation, and how hands-on you want your program to be. For example, I was a political science major in undergraduate, so I was interested in schools that require classes like finance and accounting to help me build my quantitative skills. (Otherwise I might not take them—I’m definitely not a math person at heart!). I’m also not sure exactly what I want to do when I graduate, which means I was looking to have a wide variety of electives available so that I’ll be able to explore different fields. The best way to get a sense of this is to visit B-schools and discuss your area of interest with the specialized faculty.

Alumni Reviews

Alumni reviews are very important as they give a completely unbiased account of a institute or university’s education program. B-Schools and universities do their best to portray a positive image around the institute, but the real story is only known by the alumni of the institute. The importance of alumni reviews cannot be overstated, as they are the only source which depicts a completely undistorted view of a institute.

Institutes Perception

Although top PGDM/MBA institutes and universities in India such as the IIMs have a well-established perception amongst management aspirants, private B-schools have to work much harder to create a positive narrative around their institution.

While ranking the top private PGDM/MBA institutes in India, analyzing the institute perception is an essential part of the process


Placements are one of the key reasons why most graduates in the country entertain the thought of pursuing a Management Degree. The top Management institutions in India are able to get much better placements for their students due to a number of reasons. Lloyd Business School has a special privilege in this regard as we have association with market leaders like IBM, Manpower and Safeeducate to train and place our students in the area of their interest and alumni network plays a vital role for the same


Deciding where you want to live for the next two years of your life is one thing, but you should also think beyond graduation when considering the location your B-school-to-be. Most schools’ strongest networks are their local ones. The location of your B-school also has long-term implications for the location of your personal network—you’ll spend two years meeting people in that city or town, and these relationships can really help you out when it comes to getting a job or succeeding in your career. In this regard Lloyd Business School (LBS) has special privilege as it is located in the educational hub of Greater Noida, Delhi-NCR, which has lot of opportunities for training and placement. Being part of Delhi-NCR, LBS student can move to any part of India as well as abroad 24x7 which is well connected with roads, Indian Railway and Air.

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