We are Teri School of Advanced Studies

The TERI School of Advanced Studies was established as a Trust in 1998 with the purpose of providing academic learning programmes. With TERI as its sponsoring society, TERI SAS focused its attention on developing a set of learning programmes that were both is support of, and were supported by, the research on issues of energy, environment and sustainability being undertaken by TERI. It was envisioned that the academic rigour brought by faculty members would enhance the quality of TERI’s application focused research, whereas the state-of-art research of TERI would constantly freshen up the curriculum of TERI SAS’s programmes and increase its societal relevance. This synergistic relationship would therefore further strengthen both the Institutes and increase their contribution to India and the world.

This relationship is enshrined in a memorandum of understanding between TERI SAS and TERI, wherein the two have agreed to share research infrastructure and undertake collaborative research programmes, joint studies and provide mutual support for seminars, symposia and conferences. The purpose and vision for the University was further strengthened in 1999, when the University was granted "Deemed to be University" status by the University Grants Commission and notified vide the Ministry of Human Resources Development, Department of Education, Government of India, notification no. F.9-19/95-U-3 dated 5 October 1999.


Breaking Down Borders, Building Up Brighter Futures: FOM University of Applied Sciences for Economics and Management, ESSEN, Germany, and Lloyd Business School, India Join Forces in a Momentous Partnership!

In a world characterized by rapidly evolving challenges, FOM University of Applied Sciences for Economics and Management and Lloyd Business School are forging an unprecedented partnership that aims to unlock the full potential of our students. This collaboration is not merely an agreement; it represents a beacon of hope for a brighter future and a powerful testament to the transformative power of collaboration in achieving shared goals.


Lloyd Business School, India and The International University of Scholars, Bangladesh agree to establish an academic and research collaboration in the areas of mutual interest, and in accordance with terms and conditions set forth in this memorandum of understanding (MOU). Both the parties undertake to co-operate in the following ways:

  • Encourage and exchange officials and experts for academic, training and research purposes.
  • Exchange of students at Postgraduate levels for limited periods of time for the purpose of education, training and /or research on a reciprocal basis.
  • Exchange information on research and educational programs like short term certification courses in their respective domain of expertise
  • Exchange information on teaching, learning material and other literature relevant to their educational and research programs.

Jointly organize seminars, conferences, FDPs, workshops, short-term training and research programs on the matter of mutual interest and to invite each other's faculty to participate therein.