In general, the term incubator means a controlled and optimal environment to maintain good health and foster development of living organism. A business incubator means any organization that offers its services, infrastructure and network for fresh start-ups, early stage organizations or young entrepreneurs for setting up their business and look out opportunities for business expansion with profit.

Lloyd Technology & Business Incubator (LTBI) provides consultation services, professional services such as training, assistance with business plan formulation, sends their professionals at business sites, for legal assistance, etc., technological support in form suggesting and setup of IT-enabled environment, infrastructure like renting office space or IT-enabled services and infrastructure, funding or monitory assistance and allow access to its network compromising strategic business partners from different sectors.

You do not need any legal documents to approach LTBI for incubation. All you need is detailed work idea that you want to prosper. Plus, a bit information related to recognition, funding, and team size would be sufficient for us to tailor the best business plan for you.

Well, that is depends upon the type of your business and required services you want to avail from LTBI. However, LTBI has a shared revenue model where an initial minimum fee is charged for the registration, after which the first stage program’s benefits are provided free of charge. For the successive stages, a reasonable amount is charged from incubates.

There are several types of business incubators available in the market and you can choose the best suited for you. So, here is the list of business incubators operational in the market:

  • For profit: Such type of business incubators charge for their services, be it of any kind. Furthermore, such kind of business incubators might ask for some type of equity or stake in the new start-ups against their services.
  • Non-profit: Such type of business incubators are involved in social enhancement by creating job opportunities and uplifting the overall socio-economic status of start-ups or new entrepreneurs. For doing the business, such type of business incubators, usually receive funding from government or its associated bodies
  • Sector specific: Such type of business incubators work for specific sector of the economy like information technology, construction, real-estate, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), etc. In other words, these type of business incubators are specialists and works on business by business basis.
  • Virtual: Such type of business incubators are heavily depend on the computers and networking as they provide virtual assistance to businesses in form of inventory management, payroll, logistic management, CRM, MIS, accountancy, etc. These business incubators also put their IT enabled infrastructure on rent for other businesses.

Click www.lloydbusinessschool.edu.in/ltbi/contact.html and fill the form so that a team member from our side could contact you. Alternatively, you can arrange a physical meeting via an appointment. For any firsthand information, talk to us at 1800-123-8414 or drop an email at info@lloydbusinessschool.edu.in with a subject line and email body elaborating your business requirements.

Absolutely, provided that you have a clear picture about your workable dream business and a bit scope of services for us.

Yes, we would love to do so for you. At LTBI, we have a dedicated marketing team with specialization in variety forms of businesses across different industries. Just drop a query what you want to research and we will provide you comprehensive market report based on SWOT analysis that suits your present business requirements as well as provide future direction for a successful business.

Legality is backbone of every business and without its recognition and support no business can thrive in the market. Legal experts at LTBI continuously update themselves as per change in the business laws – be it local or global. So, don’t worry about the size and outreach of your business. We will help you to navigate through the galleries of legal formalities.

At each stage, an easy exit strategy is available. You can choose to stay with LTBI for lifetime or can choose to close the tie-up merely after seeking preliminary consultation. You can find all terms and conditions in the detailed policy document of LTBI.