Major and Minor Programme Details

Major Programmes

Lloyd Technology & Business Incubator (LTBI) offers two major programmes – one for experienced professionals and one for students (both in-house and from other educational institutions). The programme details are given below.

Major Programme 1: L-EMBARK

L-EMBARK is an exclusive, student-oriented programme that aims to work upon any existing ideas of the student and make them viable. The programme adopts a dual approach focusing on – training and exposure. Spread over three months with 24 sessions (2 sessions per week), this program enables aspiring student entrepreneurs to shape their ideas, polish them, and check their feasibility. Having done this, they graduate to the next natural step of market research and pitch deck creation. The program concludes with LTBI acting as a bridge between student entrepreneurs and investors, with the students now ready to take their ideas in a concrete form to the market. The objective is to create an immersive experience, fostering collaboration and rapid development.

Total Duration: 12 weeks (3 months)

Sessions per Team: 24

Sessions per week: 2

Mode: Cohort format with both virtual and physical sessions (flexible)

End Deliverables:

  • Well identified problem
  • Clearly defined problem statement
  • Getting ready the vision and goal-setting sheet
  • Market research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Lean Model Canvas ready
  • Pitch deck ready
  • Pretotype/prototype ready
  • Investor Connect

The session-specific details are given below:

Week 1

Session 1.1 Session 1.2
Induction Sensitization to start-up the ecosystem

Week 2

Session 2.1 Session 2.2
Introduction to the idea – Skeletal Framework Idea Generation & Validation

Week 3

Session 3.1 Session 3.2
Product Market Fit & Business Model Workshop on basics of finance for start-ups (Including sources & stages of funding)

Week 4

Session 4.1 Session 4.2
Market research - Targets & goals Workshops on marketing techniques for start-ups

Week 5

Session 5.1 Session 5.2
Discussion on inferences from market research & Lean Model Canvas Development Workshop on the importance of AI in start-ups – Addressing the technical challenges of non-tech businesses

Week 6

Session 6.1 Session 6.2
Pitch deck creation and Round 1 evaluation Workshop on the use of social media for start-ups

Week 7

Session 7.1 Session 7.2
Workshop on awareness about government programs promoting entrepreneurship One-on-one session to check legal feasibility

Week 8

Session 8.1 Session 8.2
One-on-one session to check financial feasibility and fundraising Pitch deck edits and Round 2 evaluation

Week 9

Session 9.1 Session 9.2
Prototype development Preparation for the pilot test

Week 10

Session 10.1 Session 10.2
Pilot test Choosing the right entity type - Registrations/IPR/Recognition/etc.

Week 11

Session 11.1 Session 11.2
Industry connect and networking Workshop on an investor pitch

Week 12

Session 12.1 Session 12.2
Workshop on business communication Investor Connect

Major Programme 2: L-ACHIEVE

L-ACHIEVE is an advanced programme designed to bridge the gap between industry and academia with a reverse-conversation approach. At Lloyd Group of Institutions, the philosophical idea and foreseeability of management employment are reflected in the unique design of curricula. Lloyd has ensured an efficient industry amalgamation in delivering education. Lloyd Technology & Business Incubator (LTBI) works in collaboration with incubation partners like Atal Incubation Centre- BIMTECH (AIC-BIMTECH), academic partners like TERI School of Advanced Studies, technology partners like IBM, and several industrial partners for entrepreneurship guidance, industry experience, and technological assistance.

L-ACHIEVE uses the sandbox approach to promote the industry connection further by sourcing active problems from the industry and proposing solutions to the same from the field of academia through idea generation by students, experienced professionals, early-stage entrepreneurs, serial entrepreneurs, or those individuals who are not enrolled in any higher education institution (HEI) but have problem-solving ability.

Total Duration: 26 weeks (6 months)


  • Register as an incubatee with LTBI
  • Identify the problem and define a possible solution
  • Get the idea validated.
  • Take feedback from the concerned industry.
  • Avail a custom-made support program from LTBI for incubation support
  • Develop a working model.
  • Get feedback and funding support from the concerned industry.

Cycle: Every 6 months, a new set of problem statements shall be released.

Source of problem statements: Industry (Sector-specific/organization-specific)

Minor Programmes

Lloyd Technology & Business Incubator (LTBI) offers FIVE minor programmes to promote awareness about entrepreneurship and innovation and foster an entrepreneurial mindset among the youth. The programmes are:

  • The Female Chiefs – Exclusive vertical on women entrepreneurs
  • Know Your Pitch – Ideathon
  • My Story – Entrepreneur Talk
  • Corporate Training
  • Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive

Details of all the five programs are given below:

Minor Programme 1: THE FEMALE CHIEFS

Frequency: Semi-annually (Twice a year)

Scope: A semi-annual symposium celebrating women entrepreneurs from across the globe. A unique lecture series that revolves around the theme of women in business. This biannual Women in Business Symposium ‘THE FEMALE CHIEFS’, hosted by LTBI is a celebration of global female entrepreneurship. This distinctive symposium brings together trailblazing women entrepreneurs from around the world. Join us for an illuminating lecture series, delving into the triumphs, challenges, and innovations that define the journeys of these remarkable women. Our symposium aims to empower, inspire, and foster a network of support for aspiring and established women entrepreneurs. Be part of this enriching experience, where insights, expertise, and stories converge, creating a dynamic platform that catalyzes positive change and amplifies the impact of women in the business world.

(Comment: A collaboration with any one or more of the following might be useful for making this minor programme more productive – a Trust for women empowerment; international and national academic institutions like universities (their specific departments like gender and equality); organizations representing women in business like CWEI; industry players with an emphasis on gender equality as an agenda item in their CSR.)

Minor Programme 2: KNOW YOUR PITCH

Frequency: Annual

Scope: An exciting national-level business plan presentation for students enrolled in various higher education institutions across the country. The KNOW YOUR PITCH platform provides an opportunity for young aspiring businesspersons to present their innovative ideas before industry experts, investors, and eminent business organizations. Exciting cash prizes, the opportunity to get incubation support at Lloyd Technology & Business Incubator (LTBI) to turn your idea into a successful business, and networking are some of the highlights and best takeaways from this minor programme. This business plan presentation competition is organized by LTBI under the guidance of the Institutions Innovation Council (IIC) by the Ministry of Education.

Minor Programme 3: MY STORY

Frequency: Bi-monthly (Once every 2 months)

Scope: 'MY STORY,' is a captivating bi-monthly event that brings the dynamic world of entrepreneurship to students. In each session, seasoned entrepreneurs share their compelling journeys, unraveling the intricacies of their success stories. This platform aims to enlighten students about the challenges, risks, and motivations encountered on the path to entrepreneurship. Attendees gain valuable insights into the real-world business landscape, fostering a deeper understanding of the entrepreneurial mindset. 'MY STORY' isn't just about success; it delves into the hurdles faced and the lessons learned, providing a realistic portrayal of the entrepreneurial rollercoaster. Join us bi-monthly for an inspiring exploration of the benefits and intricacies of becoming an entrepreneur.


Frequency: Monthly

Scope: Our monthly Corporate Mastery Training – is an enriching series designed to empower students with essential business communication skills. Explore the nuances of effective communication, decode body language cues, and master the art of delivering a compelling pitch. Learn the intricacies of professional conduct during meetings and gain fluency in startup and business jargon. Our dynamic sessions blend theory with practical insights, equipping you with the tools needed to navigate the corporate landscape with confidence. Join us monthly for an immersive learning experience that hones your communication prowess and prepares you for success in the professional realm.


Frequency: Monthly

Scope: Our Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive, is a dynamic monthly initiative fostering an entrepreneurial mindset among students. Engage in a spectrum of activities, from invigorating case study discussions to entrepreneurship-related games, film screenings, fireside chats, debates, and illuminating guest lectures. Our workshops provide hands-on experiences, guiding you through the intricacies of entrepreneurship. Immerse yourself in a stimulating environment that cultivates awareness and ignites the spirit of innovation. Join us each month to explore, discuss, and cultivate the skills and mindset essential for entrepreneurial success. Unleash your potential and be part of a community dedicated to nurturing the next generation of visionary leaders.