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Is it compulsive to do MBA after BBA?

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MBA after BBA

30,May 2019

Choosing what to do after MBA is very complex matter. Setting goals and accomplishing it requires almost all the efforts of the person. The goals with accomplishing are achieved with the sense of direction and clarified vision.

"Smart educational choices create better career options." - Carlot Fisk

BBA basically is a basic course which means it is stepping stone to the high value postgraduate course, MBA. Intermediates study the graduation courses in Business Administration to get a basic idea on business principles strategies. Many people have a misconception that left outs only study in Bachelors' course in business administration. But with the technological advancements people are now getting knowledge of doing MBA after BBA, a step towards building a successful career. Though it is not compulsive to do MBA after BBA but the main advantage of doing it is that aspirants can specialize in their desired disciplines while pursuing it. The scope of MBA is very huge after BBA as it is the business administration which could prove to be useful in MBA. Even though it isn't mandatory to do MBA, a professional with MBA degree is always given an edge over other job candidates. There are best and top colleges in India by government and private providing with MBA. One of the top rated and listed government college of India is IIM (Ahemdabad) having rank 1 which is followed by IIM (Bangalore) with rank 2, next we have IIM (Indore). Apart from IIMs we have FACULTY OF MANAGEMEMT STUDIES (DU), DEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMEMT STUDIES (Madras) and many more providing with MBA. MBA after BBA puts a person to the most advantageous position where a person with MBA is benefited the most by giving more preferences than others. Privately, the top rated college in India with rank 1 is XLRI, XAVIER SCHOOL OF MANAGMENT (Jamshedpur), on rank 2 is MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE (Gurgaon). Apart from top colleges we have best colleges TA PAI MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE (Manipal), IIM(Delhi), IBS business school (Hyderabad), NARSEE MONJEE INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES (Mumbai) and many more. MBA isn’t compulsory after BBA but it builds a door towards opportunity. So MBA is not an restriction it’s a next step towards ladder of career.

As said by Milton Berle- "If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door."

Author Name: Mr. Shubham Aggarwal (Assistant Professor, Lloyd Business School)