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11,November 2019

Corporate readiness has become the centric issue for job prospects and acquisition in today’s time, thereby highlighting the wide gap between the expectations that industry has from management institutes. The gap between number of available jobs and the number of employed has been increasing due to the increase in skill gap. Delivery of quality management education will ensure sustainable development in Indian context as those jobs which remain vacant due to the abovementioned shortages are often outsourced. While bridging this gap remains an untackled issue, the management at Lloyd Business School can be credited with awareness and agility in identifying and accommodating to these changes.

Lloyd Business School (Top SCM College in india) has been strategically collaborating in the field of Supply Chain, Human Resource and Business Analytics to be aligned and relevant with the dynamic market trends. According to Micheal Page’s India Salary Benchmark 2019,

  • Market reflects high demand for professionals having niche category expertise like natural language processing(NLP) and speech analytics;
  • A 35% increase has been witnessed in the number of jobs posted in the last 12 months in the field of Human Resource;
  • Procurement & Logistics note 24-34% average salary increase when switching jobs in similar industry, which remains one among the highest.