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21,December 2019

Career Options After MBA in Marketing

December 21, 2019

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”

Marketing plays a very important role in any business organization no matter how big or small an organization is.Without applying marketing strategies it become very difficult for an industry to survive. As such pursuing MBA in marketing will help you to gain insight about the functioning of the market and the consumer behavior. Lloyd Business School offers MBA in marketing with dual specialization degree. Heading towards its vision Lloyd Business School provides quality education with main focus on improving their communication skills and groom their personalities in modern language lab sessions and personality development programmes. Special classes in German and Chinese are also offered to prepare students for making a student’s career in the field of Marketing.

MBA specialization in marketing is one of the most opted course .“Marketers always change faster than marketing”. While pursuing MBA in marketing one can develop the strategies and processes needed to accomplish organizational goals. You will also learn various skills which involves- communication skills, analytical skills, mathematical skills, problem solving skills, business ethics, ability to integrate ideas, and leadership which will definitely help you prosper at an industry level.

Key Points about MBA in Marketing

  • Strategic planning, economics, financial analysis, consumer behaviour, business trends, sales & marketing are some of the areas that graduates from this field focus on.
  • The subjects that you would have to study will include Digital Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Marketing Analytics, Pricing, Market-oriented Strategy Planning, Retail Management etc.
  • Some of the common marketing job titles are Manager, Brand Manager, Sales Manager, Market Research Analyst, Digital Marketing Specialist, etc.
  • Your aim as a manager would be to maximize the revenue of the company by ensuring the sales figures are always up and the marketing of the product is done properly. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance for any company and you as a manager would help achieve that. More importantly, marketing brings in the money that finance manages.

“There are no prerequisites for MBA, all you need is an open mind and the zeal to learn. Your academic background should play a negligible role in impacting your decision here.”

Lloyd business school uses a combination of various teaching methods such as cases, projects, group discussions, lectures, seminars, presentations by participants and lectures by guest speakers from industry and government. This sharpens the analytical skills of participants and helps analyze problems from multi- functional perspectives. Instructors mainly guide the group, push participants to develop and defend arguments and take decisions. You can develop your career in the various fields such as: Advertising, Consultancy, Banking, FMCG, Retail, Tourism etc. On completing your MBA in Marketing you can get job as Marketing manager, Brand manager, Sales Manager, Media planning, Marketing research analyst, Product management. MBA in Marketing will give you a path to enter the media sector which is in more demand as compared to the other specialised fields of MBA. As a marketing professional you will be focused on innovation and would naturally have a vision for the future. You will learn the importance to maintaining relationships and at the same time converse with technology. Marketing is an integral part of any organisation. It can be your gateway to various job opportunities in both public and private sector globally. Here are some of the

Top 5 job opportunities after MBA in Marketing:

1) Brand Management

Brand Management is a key component of Marketing. It is the process of carrying out the planning strategy of how a brand will be perceived in the market. Brand management is the combination of – segmentation of the target audience and the company. A brand manager acts as a mediator and maintains a good relationship between customers and the brand. A brand manager uses different kinds of strategies like brand promotions, collective data, behavioral studies to enhance the quality of the brand. Students looking for job opportunities after MBA in Marketing can consider Brand Management as an effective career option.

2) Product Management

Product management is an integral part of Marketing. It is an organisational process within the company which involves planning, production and reviewing a product, among others. A product manager is responsible for defining the product and its history. They lead the functional team comprising of the engineering, designing and operational professionals who are allotted to create the quality and the tone of the brand. An MBA is the right suited degree for this post as this job requires great management skills. Thus, students looking for job opportunities after MBA in Marketing can consider Product management as a great career option.

3) Digital Marketing Managers

For every company’s website, there is a constant demand to consistently increase internet traffic. An MBA in Marketing can help you explore digital marketing at the management level. There is a constant need to develop, implement and manage marketing campaigns that help in promoting the brand and the products. Digital Marketing Managers play a major role in enhancing brand awareness on the internet platform. As a Digital Marketing Manager, you will be using different digital technologies such as SEO, SEM, content analysis to help expand the business of the company.

4) Media Management

Media Management is another important aspect of Business Administration which involves organizing and supervising of the media department of the company. Media management helps to expand business through maintaining and developing relationships with audiences and business clients. Media planners are responsible for executing the advertising of a product and help the company meet target goals. Media Management comprises of strategic and operational methods to achieve group goals. This field is an exciting career option for students looking for job opportunities after MBA in Marketing.

5) Advertising

Advertising is one of the key components of Marketing as it creates brand enforcement and brand identity. There are several forms of advertising which are used for the promotion of a brand such as TV, Radio, Print media, Internet marketing, Emails, etc. MBA professionals with a marketing background can explore a great career in Advertising. Management skills can come in handy while generating potential customers. Advertising is a creative and exciting job opportunity after an MBA in Marketing.

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customers so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.” - Peter Drucker


Shubham Aggarwal

Assistant Professor,