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BBA admission 2020

29,April 2019

The Masters in Business Administration (MBA)is a 2-Year full time Programme, which includes multiple specializations that a student can choose from. The subjects range from general management to specific areas of expertise. There are a number of Top MBA colleges in Delhi NCRthat provide various specializations like Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, International Business, Operations Management, Supply Chain, Analytics

As against the popular myth, Marketing & Sales are not the same. Aspirants are always skeptical about opting for marketing as a specialization in their MBA course due to confusing it with Sales. The students feel apprehensive about going for career in Sales profile as it seems rigorous and meeting the targets is not easy for many. However, Marketing is a much broader concept that encompasses sales along with other areas like Advertising, Customer Relationship, Brand Management, Product Development and many others.

The dynamics of the entire industry stands changed to a very wide angle over the last few decades. The orientation has changed from a complete manufacturer centric perspective to an entirely new dimension of holistic marketing centered concepts that are based out of consumers, organizations, relationships and channels. The changes in these orientations have led to a stage where the marketing divisions in any organization are becoming their strength.With the advent of digital marketing the face of both, advertising and selling has changed, everything is now more accessible than ever before. Marketing offers highly lucrative and well paying jobs. In fact, the Top Final Placements in Management Institutes that offer MBA are mostly from the area of marketing.

Here is a list of 5 highly paying career opportunities to up your graph if you are an MBA Marketing aspirant.

1. Market Research Analyst

If you are someone who has a curious mind and has a propensity for questioning why things happen the way they do; then this job suits you best.

Searching for answers to questions regarding customer retention, acquisition and satisfaction, identification of gaps between expected and actual results and analyzing the markets and their constantly changing demands is what a Market Research Analyst does. All the data is collected through various modes like surveys, focus groups, test marketing etc and then analyzed using various tools like softwares and other programmes.

The job does not end here, as a Research Analyst one must identify new opportunities while they are still up for grabs. This job is sure to keep you interested and on your toes.They have creative freedom and being specialists also know what customers want. They are the direct line of communication between what a company thinks is working and what is actually going on in a consumer’s mind

2. Marketing Manager

They are the thinkers and innovators constantly analyzing the markets by means of various data looking for new and better opportunities. By working on the collected data via surveys, focus groups or other researches they not only track their product, its growth and penetration but also simultaneously analyze the competing products, their market share and the revenues in question

They work on pricing strategies, promotional tools, the kind of messages being transmitted and the marketing campaigns that are running. Opting for a career of a marketing manager means that you have a knack of bringing the imaginations into reality regarding how to present the product or service to the prospects

3. Social Media Manager

Social media managers are the communication and relationship experts of this domain. They handle all the messages being transmitted in the name of the brand/ organization over the social media platforms, while ensuring that the communication is continuous, integrated and relevant to the audience so targeted, with the main agenda of building brand awareness

This is accomplished through a set of well chosen strategies across all major social media channels while constantly understanding the feedback being generated by the message and making modifications accordingly.

4. Product Manager

Product managers are the developers. On basis of market demands they create and curate new products from start to finish.

They spend most of their time to think of innovations, product line or category extensions or any other new and distinctive offering of relevance to the market. These normally work in teams to identify the appropriate combination of features in a product to satisfy needs of any and all unfulfilled requirements.

5. Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Despite all the differences mentioned above, most of the marketing jobs are all about getting found by the right people at the right time.At some places it may even become their main priority, like in the case of an SEO specialist

SEO is the combination of content and data sequenced to score well on search engines like Google.The better a site performs, the higher they come up on search results and the more number of organic leads can be generated by them. Since most users don’t look past the first page of their search, this gains a lot of value.These professionals make use of keywords to be found however ensure that they don’t load up on keywords or irrelevant content as they know the Google penalties this brings and the lack of credibility that will follow.

To be successful, a marketing specialized aspirant must keep one thing in mind: Marketers are not just known to fulfill the needs of the customer; they also known for Creating, Communicating, & Delivering Value to the customer