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24,october 2019

At Lloyd business school, we understand that the first job is not just important in terms of career but is also a kind of launch pad into the future. In addition to the technical and subject matter skills, we coach our students on that extra ingredient that will help one distinguish themselves from others.

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Image Projection - Projecting the right image, is a job in itself. Ask yourself, do I look like a successful manager, if the answer is no, well let that be a start in the process of change and development. Do not wait till you make it. The new age mantra is “fake it till you makes it”.

Having Strong Communication skills is mandatory to surge ahead in the corporate world.  Students tend to often mistake communication with English speaking skills, that is not true at all! One can speak in Hindi or a vernacular language (depending on the area) and still get across information in an engaging, concise manner! Writing official emails, is also something that students at Lloyd (Best SCM College in Delhi)  are taught so that they are ready to be productive from day one itself.

Learning to take initiatives and taking responsibility for actions goes a long way in helping the management look at you a potential leader.  The idea is to help them, help you by displaying the correct behaviors that will propel you ahead!

A new environment, new culture and a new workforce can be overwhelming; however, realizing that this is a workplace, one that does not come with a safety net will help you settle down sooner. Managing your emotions is a mature and rational manner is the way to be.

While on the topic of managing, managing your Boss is critical to your top and bottom line …..And quite literally so! A tough boss can also help you learn how to handle stress, work pressure and handling irate colleagues and customers.

Through our specialized “Corporate Readiness “sessions, we coach our students on the above parameters, ensuring they are equipped with all the tools needed for success in their professional lives.