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20,December 2019

After completing BBA graduation aspirants admire to do MBA from a well-known institute/college due to which an aspirant should be able to cut through the clutter and identity the b-school which suits him/her the best. Basically, from which an aspirant can fulfil the main motive ie. to establish a successful career in this field. The aspirant under this category finds lots of trouble to finalise their institute/college from where they need to do MBA as due to lack of awareness about various parameters to the used while evaluating b-schools and also lack of reliable information about the data of these parameters from b-schools. MBA aspirants are mostly are mostly forced to select b-schools on the perception of the others, they might be the relatives or friends. There are many aspirants that make exaggerated claims about their institute and their students’ performance which only complicates the matter and MBA aspirants end of in a very maze where there is a very high chance of making incorrect decision. Though research work is one of the complex process but one needs to correct it so that he is able to take best decision for himself/herself. One needs to correct information about the required parameters and then use the information in a meaningful way by assigning the right amount of each of those parameters.

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Lloyd Business School - Top MBA College in Delhi NCR , with the objective of empowering the MBA aspirants with both the knowledge and understanding of parameters to evaluate b-schools and also helps them arrive at the correct decision. Most of the Students from all over India come to Delhi-NCR for further studies especially in Top Management Colleges in Delhi. Management institutes in Delhi-Noida-NCR attracts students seeking professional education in the fields of business studies. Keeping in mind about the bright future of the MBA aspirants, Lloyd has tried to put various parameters which may help MBA aspirants to select the correct institute. These parameters are:

1) Quality of students

The quality of students on campus makes a huge difference on account of the interaction that MBA students have their pears. Accounting to Lloyd research, we can say that significant proportion of learning at any good b-school happens outside the class and the fairly large part of this come from peer learning, which we can enhance with group activities such as group assignments and projects. Hence, the result of this is better with peers, richer is the learning experience and the higher knowledge you would gain. Lloyd also mentions that best b-school admits that to maintain a good quality of b-school they follow, “higher the cut-offs, better the quality of the school” is the mantra. There are some colleges/institutes who give importance to other parameters than cut-offs like academics and work experience though, while entrance exam cut-offs play an important role in this circumstance too. Hence, can conclude that cut-offs become a very reliable parameter to judge the quality of the b-schools. The above parameter is fulfilled by the Lloyd business school.

2) Placements

Undoubtedly, one of the key parameters used by the MBA aspirants to judge the quality of b-school they are considering to join. Every MBA aspirant has a very firm eye on the salary he/she would attract after completing an MBA because that is directly related to the good job which means bright future prospects. Placements offered by the university and the companies visiting a campus give the idea of how good the campus is and what type of career it can provide to the MBA aspirant. These criteria are also fulfilled by the Lloyd business school as it provides the best placement opportunities for Lloyd students. Lloyd, tries to develop a fresh connection with the industries leaders and organisations collaboration with various corporates for campus recruitments. Lloyd also ensures ample industry conditioning through the summer and winter internship programme which helps the student to get a good see-through of the industrial work and management. Lloyd conducts workshops on personality development programmes, corporate readiness, mock interviews and promote group discussions.

3) Age and image of the institute

Age and image are one of the parameters which also affect the decision of an MBA aspirant. It is obvious even for a layman that the stronger brand/institute, the better will be the placement opportunities in the short term and more rewarding will be the career in the long term. Therefore, the image of the brand of a b-school in the student community and its acceptance in the industrial circle is one of the key considerations for an MBA aspirant while selecting ab-school. Usually it is said that older institutes are better in reputation than the ‘younger’ ones, but it can’t be always generalised so. Also, the situation is a little different when an older, well established institute establishes a new campus. In such cases, the parent/guardian institute helps the new institute through its formative years. Which may include, but may not be limited to the faculty support, admission and most importantly but not the least placement support. We, Lloyd business school also fulfil these criteria as we are AICTE approved College, independent. Lloyd has been operational since 2004 with 15 years of academic excellence.

4) Location of the b-school

Location means the geographical location of the b-school. This parameter affects the placements indirectly as placements are better at institutes which are located in places where there is the concentration of business and industry. Campuses are located near the business industries so that they can provide a better placement to their students and also business companies go to these institutes as they find it easier to recruit. Due to these reasons, anything else remains the same, institutes which are located in Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru always score better than the institutes which have put up their institutes in other cities. Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai can be the second option for an MBA aspirant. The farer the institute from business industries the lesser the good recruitment chances. This parameter is also being fulfilled by the Lloyd business school as it is located in Delhi-Noida-NCR, which is in the heart of Greater Noida at Knowledge Park-II.

5) Quality of infrastructure

One of the important parameters to consider is the availability of necessary infrastructure in terms of state-of-the-art computer, well stacked library with subscriptions to management journals, high speed internet connectivity well-furnished class rooms with audio visual aids. Any institutes that does not have these facilities can not be called top class. Before taking the final decision, one should visit the college campus and must gather first hand information about the facilities, accommodation provided, hostel facilities, etc.

6) Fee

These days b-schools’ fees are rising sharply due to which it becomes necessary to ensure that the return on the fee being invested does work out to be reasonable. In some b-schools fees lies in between 10 lakhs to 20 lakhs due to which it becomes a very important factor while evaluating the b-school. However, it is said that the fee is a non-issue for the top b-schools. Availability of loans is fairly high for these schools and the ability of the students to repay their loans is also high due to the good placements offered by these b-schools.

Ms. Soumya Singhal

Assistant Professor,