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Is Human Resource a Good Career to pursue

August 16, 2019

  • Helping organisation achieve its goals.
  • Aiding people to work the best to their potential.
  • Making policies to promote a good working culture.
  • Bringing the right talent to the right jobs.

If all these statements excites you. Then Human Resources is a career for you!

In today’s dynamic world, where technology, products, services & structures are changing rapidly; it is the human resources of an organisation that brings a long term & sustainable competitive advantage to an organisation. The KSA (knowledge, skills & abilities) that your people get to the organisation are the most important assets. Irrespective of the model, size or type of industry in which your organisation operates – human resource will always be an important function to determine your success.
Realising the importance of PEOPLE among the 4 P’s of an organisation ( People, Process, Product & Purpose), companies have continuously invested & innovated in the ways to get & keep the right kind & right number of employees.

Although, every manager should be a HR as well - since managing people is the most essential & the most challenging task for a manager to do. But following are some of the career options for a MBA in Human Resources:

HR Generalist : HR Generalist manages day to day operations of Human Resource Office. Unlike HR Specialist, HR Generalist is responsible for various functions such as employee relations, Training & Development, benefits administration, grievance handling, compensation & organisation development.

HR specialist: HR specialist are specialist in one of the HR functions – Recruitment, Training & Development, Compensation, Total Rewards, Employee & Labour Relations, Risk Management. Thus, HR specialist are required to have in depth skills in one of the HR functions.

HR Consultants: HR Consultants works to ensure that the company is effectively using its human capital to achieve its set goals. They also make sure that the workforce is working at a high level of productivity & effectiveness. HR consultants can be internal or external to the organisation. While an internal HR Consultant will know more insights of the company & keep the information confidential, an external HR Consultant will have an unbiased third party view to the situation & will bring the expertise from across the industry.

In order to ensure, that academia provides the required talent to the industries, LLOYD BUSINESS SCHOOL offers PGDM – HR in collaboration with Manpower. Manpower not only guides the institute regarding the design & conduct of curriculum, but also provides internships & OJT’s to the PGDM – HR batch. LLOYD Business School also, organises event on a continuous basis to ensure that the students get the required industry exposure, thus producing competent professionals for the future.