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Master in Supply Chain Management

18,December 2019

The present era of globalization, invariable technology innovation, alteration in demands, trust in suppliers and cutthroat competition makes imperative for the enterprises and organizations to become more efficient, faster and productive. The management of supply chain is significant for achieving a greater degree of efficiency and rapidity in rendering the service or in making a product competitive on the market. Managing logistics network efficiently is a key to achieve business growth and expected to be a core competency of business hence it has become imperative for every corporation to invest in their logistics network team. Not surprising that the area of supply chain management and logistics has become one of the markets with the highest demand for employment.

The Master in Supply Chain Management is a master’s degree program designed for graduates intending to pursue a career in SCM and related fields. The program imparts advanced and specialized training in Logistic network to early-career supply chain professionals thus providing them new opportunities to grow. Career prospects abound for the students post completion of supply chain management program in all the fields related to supply chain management as students are equipped with the requisite skills and knowledge. It is a subject that deals with sourcing raw materials and components required by companies to manufacture their products, and ensures the fastest delivery which allows enterprises to reduce excess inventory and storage costs. The graduates in supply chain management can assume the roles of Supply chain business analyst, Sales and operations planner, Production coordinator, Inventory manager, project manager, industry analyst, global logistics manager, transportation director, supply chain consultant, director of operations, director of logistics, director of the distribution, director of import/export, chief of procurement, logistics and operations consultant and head of stock control and others. Management Experts opine that there is a huge scope for (SCM) in India due to rising uncertainty of supply networks, globalization of businesses, proliferation of product variety and shortening of product life cycles. The global supply chain management market was valued at US$ 12.96 Billion in 2017 and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 12.3% during the forecast period from 2018 to 2026.

PGDM SCM Course At LLoyd

Lloyd Business School’s PGDM in Supply Chain Management (PGDM SCM) is a 2-year full time AICTE approved course. The program runs in collaboration with Industry Partner Safeducate and aims at developing Supply Chain Management professionals through perfect blend of theoretical learning and the practical application of the same. Lloyd’s PGDM program designed to impart contemporary strategic and operational business knowledge to the students in line with industry trends. In pursuit of fulfilling this vision, Lloyd offers a unique ‘Work & Learn Programme’, which provides ‘On-Job-Training’ for educating our students about skills, knowledge, and competencies needed for employees to succeed within a corporate set-up as a part of the course. This Work & Learn Model is the most distinguishing feature of the course enabling fresh graduates with work experience .The program at Lloyd is top ranked and courses delivered by highly qualified faculty. Students would be made conversant with core business courses before introduction of specialized SCM. All Business programs at Lloyd are pre-experience coursework programs which imply that little or no work experience is required from applicants to gain entrance into these programs. To get enrolled for PGDM SCM program at Lloyd an applicant must have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university or learning institution. The bachelor’s degree can be either a management degree or a non-management degree in a relevant discipline such as the arts, engineering, technology, or science.

The PGDM-SCM at Lloyd is unique and is in high demand in industry. The program focused on the actual supply chain field hones the professional skills of the incumbents. Post completion of the program at Lloyd opportunities of recruitment by the world’s top companies is plentiful. While studying at Lloyd Business school a student will learn functioning of national and international markets. A student also comprehends e-commerce and discovers ways to use this knowledge for strategic sourcing. The program at Lloyd business school build ups and hones skill such as research and analysis, negotiation, and problem-solving. The learners become skilled at improving the value added processes and trim down the critical processes, so that they can design, implement and maintain a strategic vision of the global supply chain.


Vandana Pareek

Assistant Professor,