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top 10 Highest Paying MBA concentrations

15,November 2022

With the gradual shift of the world’s focus to the realm of business and management, MBA has gained its fair amount of recognition, and along with it came the high-paying jobs, with their ever-growing requirements for MBA graduates. Thus, an MBA now holds excellent value to the entire world, especially in India, and getting one's MBA degree from a recognized college/university can ensure a good life for the students pursuing it. Perhaps, it is because of that, that we can see a large number of students from various streams pursuing MBA. MBA opens the path to a variety of career options, while some of them pay the job-holders the highest salaries possible. In this article, the top 10 highest paying MBA job concentrations will be discussed, to guide the aspirants in their career pursuing endeavors.

The Top 10 Highest Paying MBA Job Concentrations in India

1. MBA in Business Analytics

Business analysts make an integral part of the business and management world, by engaging in problem-solving tasks and by generating insights for the company so that they can keep up with the continuously changing advancements in technology and take steps accordingly for the betterment of the company. Almost every high-paying company is in the requirement of business analysts in their team, and the pay is as good. The pay that business analysts receive depends on various factors like the company, skills and experience levels, etc. salaries can start from INR 35 lacs, and go as high as 1750000. Salaries of business analysts can also differ in the city, for eg, companies in cities like Pune and Bangalore will pay you more than in other cities. It has to be kept in mind that business analysis as a profession is continuously moving up the pay ladder, and can promise the aspirants a comfortable lifestyle in the future.

2. MBA in Management

Most general MBA programs focus largely on management. Management covers various sections of the business platform, which includes marketing, economics, finance, operation management, etc. aspirants can secure themselves with a job that requires top leadership skills, and the other skills one gathers while studying management. Management has branches such as innovation management and information management, and the pay varies. An innovation manager’s salary can rise as high as INR 39 lacs, while an information management salary can rise as high as INR 786108.

3. MBA in Finance

There have been growing demands for students who have specialized in finance, in leading companies. They can work as research analysts, bank managers, investment bankers, financial analysts, etc. in finance students are taught about risk management, financial planning, and pricing, thus helping them to develop strong analytical skills, which can prove to be useful in many spheres of the profession. The average salary of a finance student with an MBA can rise up to INR 7-20 lakhs.

4. MBA in Marketing Management

In this discipline, students receive knowledge and training about sales and marketing, again a high-grossing profession in today’s world and thus, a large number of students are opting for it. It can help the aspirants to get a job in fields such as advertising, designing promotional techniques, public relations, and research concerning marketing. Due to the high demands of marketing graduates, marketing is at times called the ‘breadwinner of the field’. Salaries of marketing specialists can rise from INR 4-6 lakhs with the first few years of working and can get as high as INR 10-25 lacs, with more years of experience gained.

5. MBA in Human Resources

Almost every company, big or small, needs people with human resources specializations, by which performance assessments are done, protocols are developed, the various issues in workplaces are addressed, and pay and benefit systems get done. Graduates from other fields, like sociology, also apply for MBA in human resources. While the newcomers to human resources can earn up to INR 3 lakhs, with more experience, salaries can rise to INR 20 lakhs.

6. MBA in Economics

We can say that economics forms the backbone of the companies, as every company will need economic analysis, and calculations in some way or the other. The MBA economics specialists learn about the current trends occurring in the market and conduct research and analysis accordingly. Salaries can rise as high as 10 lacs, and can continually increase with more and more years of experience.

7. MBA in Information Technology

Aspirants with MBA in information technology combine their knowledge about the management of people, e-commerce, and security, and use that to determine what works best for the company. The scope is huge, and the specialists deal with telecommunications, data security, and project management. At the beginning of their career, IT specialists can earn around INR 5 lakhs, and with more experience, it can go up to INR 7 lakhs.

8. MBA in Entrepreneurship

The MBA programs in entrepreneurship focus on developing skills in business planning, organization, and business trends forecasting methods, and prepares the students with everything required to become an entrepreneur. This course is well suited for students who want to go on their own business venture. Of course, here the aspirants build their own things, and thus, with proper skill and dedication, if we keep the other limitations aside. they can raise their earnings as far as they want to.

9. MBA in Health Care Administration

People doing MBA in health care management, not only learn to attend to the patients but also get acquainted with skills in business management, which can give them strong job prospects in the future. They can also work in insurance billing and other hospital management operations. The salary can rise from INR 5 lacs and rise to 20 lacs in later years.

10. MBA in Public Administration

The focus of this specialization is to create experts in business and social fields, with the aim of improving the quality of public service. They can become urban and regional planners and even economists. The salaries can rise from INR 1 lakhs to 6 lakhs.


Due to the numerous exciting opportunities, MBA offers upon completing the programme, as well as the value the degree holds when applying for work and internships, the Master of Business Administration, or MBA, has increased in terms of popularity, especially in India. We can see that a sizable number of students who have graduated from other streams, in addition to those with a background in management studies (BBA or a comparable degree), also apply for MBA programmes. Students who enroll in MBA programmes have the chance to work in high-demand fields like finance, human resources, and management, get international exposure and hone both soft skills and practical skills. The reason for the popularity of this course is that MBA opens a lot of paths for the aspirants, who want to leave a mark on the business and management world and want to secure their futures with a comfortable lifestyle. It is up to the students to choose their field of specialization according to their aspirations and pre-existing skill sets so a successful and rewarding career is guaranteed to them.